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Practice is critical to being a musician. While it’s important to spend plenty of time taking music lessons and performing, practice will truly help you improve your skills and ensure you’re playing at your best. At the same time, you need to make sure you’re getting the most from your practice sessions to progress effectively. Otherwise, you’ll […]

Grace Music and The Sweet Spot presents an evening of original music featuring Jacob Restituto and Kirsten Maxwell. September 18th, 2014, 8:15pm at Grace Music School. $10 suggested admission to benefit the emerging artists. Refreshments served. Reservations recommended at Grace Music School: 631-239-6169.

Northport resident Grace Heaphy was honored last week by the Huntington Chamber of Commerce as one of Long Island’s leading young professionals at the Chamber’s annual “30 young people under the age of 30 who make a notable impact on their business, industry and community.” Ms. Heaphy is Music Director at Grace Music School in […]

Against a waterfront backdrop, 30 professionals under the age of 30 were honored by the Huntington Chamber of Commerce for their professional achievements and community contributions. Competition was stiff for this year’s “30 Under 30, Celebrate Long Island’sYoung Professionals” awards, held Tuesday at the Crescent Beach Club in Bayville. The honoree pool was as diverse […]

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Grace Music School Now a Steinway Education Partner Fort Salonga, NY – October 31, 2014 Grace Music School took delivery of six brand new Steinway and Steinway designed pianos, including a Model M Steinway Grand piano. Steinway and Sons pianos are the recognized Gold Standard for pianos in the world today. By […]

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Grace Music School Students Selected for 101 Pianists Performing with World Famous Concert Pianist Lang Lang at Tilles Centet Fort Salonga, NY – October 22, 2014 Grace Music School is proud to announce that two of their students were selected to be among 100 pianists to perform with the Lang Lang, considered […]

Northport, NY – December 3, 2015 Carnegie Hall is one of the most celebrated music venues in the world with a rich history of outstanding performers and memorable concerts. And now, one of Long Island’s own music schools will be joining the ranks of those musical greats when twenty-four students and eleven faculty members from […]

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Grace Music School to Open Location at Long Island Steinway & Sons Showroom (Please note this location has since moved to Woodbury, NY!) First School of its Kind at Steinway-Owned Showroom Northport, NY (March 14, 2016) – Grace Music School is proud to announce it has entered into an agreement with world-renowned […]

Northport, NY (April 9, 2019) — Grace Music School has teamed up with Make-A-Wish Foundation® of Suffolk County, a 501 non-profit organization that helps makes wishes come true for children diagnosed with critical illnesses, to present a special fundraising event, “Concert for a Wish,” at John W. Engeman Theater in Northport Village on April 9. […]

Northport, NY – May 31, 2019 Carnegie Hall is one of the most celebrated music venues in the world with a rich history of outstanding performers and memorable concerts. Grace Music School joined the ranks of those musical greats when students and teachers from their school took center stage at Carnegie’s Weill Hall on June […]

Northport, NY. Monday, December 16: Premier Long Island New York music educator Grace Music School will be holding an Open House event on December 21, 2019, to bring some festive cheer to audiences of all ages. Holiday Recital For An Afternoon Of Family Fun This year’s Open House event is a full-day event offering locals […]

Grace Music School will be holding a fundraiser for the benefit of Make-A-Wish® Suffolk County at the beautiful Engeman Theater in Northport Village. 100% of the net proceeds from this event will be donated to Make-A-Wish®. School teachers and other guest performers will be featured and it will be held on April 9, 2019. Tickets […]

Singers with allergies often find it difficult to sing with a scratchy throat or stuffy nose, particularly during spring when it arrives with allergy season. If you have practice or performance to prepare for, allergy symptoms could be a major inconvenience and frustration. They can affect everything from breathing and tone to vocal cord strength. […]

Music lessons entail much more than merely playing musical notes and scales. As with anything else, the more a person prepares and practices, the better they’ll get over time. When preparing for music lessons for the first time, there are some steps that students can take to ensure their lesson goes smoothly. Getting off to […]

After spending time practicing, taking music lessons, networking, and looking for the ideal opportunities, you may have successfully landed a singing audition. Congratulations on this achievement! However, excitement about this opportunity is often met with anxiety about how to prepare for it. Auditions actually entail considerably more than merely singing a song. There are many […]

While school might be out for the summer, children should still keep busy and continue their education. Along with family BBQs, sunny beach days, and other exciting activities that take advantage of the summer weather and increased free time, children can spend more time learning to play an instrument. There are several reasons why children […]

There is a particular section of symphony orchestras that has the ability to both stimulate and lull the audience, and this is known as the woodwind section. Instruments in the woodwind section produce a variety of pitches, with each instrument producing a unique sound. If you’re interested in learning more about this section, here we’ll […]

Violins are among the most beautiful instruments that produce equally beautiful sounds when played, making them the pride of many musicians. However, there are some peculiarities that violinists must put up with that, despite these, still make the violin worth it. As a violinist, you may understand these more than any other type of musician […]

Classical music isn’t typically people’s first choice of genre when singing, as they’re more likely to belt out a pop music hit or classics from musical theater. However, classical vocal training can come with several key benefits that are vital for people who want to learn to sing professionally. Through classical vocal training, students can build a […]

Both the violin and the cello are among the most well-known string instruments, and many people are interested in playing them over others in the string family. However, the right instrument for you will depend on a number of factors. Knowing the differences between these two popular instruments can help you determine which to learn […]

You’ve made the decision to take guitar lessons, and you’re ready to get going. Ready to learn your favorite guitar solos. Ready for the limelight with your own songs. Ready to impress someone special with your guitar skills. Perhaps you’ve even got your own guitar and find yourself strumming it here or there. Choosing to […]

It’s something you’ve probably heard time and again, that a person’s singing voice is a gift they’ve inherited from birth. Is that really the case? Or is there something more to a good singing voice than natural talent? People have spent years debating whether someone is born a singer or if it’s something anyone can […]

It’s that time of year, again,… college application time. No matter what your dream school is, we’re sure you want to beef up your application as much as possible in order to give yourself the best fighting chance to be accepted. While you’re adding all of your extracurricular activities, you may be wondering, does playing […]

One of the most important things for new singers to determine is which voice part they are. This is true for those who sing in ensembles as well as those who sing solo. Because human voices are so variable, we naturally possess a certain range we’re most comfortable producing. Knowing which range one’s voice is […]