Begin Your Journey as a Musician


Learning to play music is the kind of activity that has the potential to change a person’s life. Aside from the simple pleasure of playing an instrument, which in itself can be immensely enjoyable, there are also lots of benefits of music lessons and ways in which music can expand your experience as a human […]

Learning your first instrument can be an extremely rewarding and pleasantly memorable experience. As musicians, it’s often the instruments we start off with that we continue to love the most throughout our lives. At some point though, we realize that there are other sounds, techniques, and musical experiences that can only be explored by branching out […]

As a musician, playing in cold weather can be an uncomfortable and sometimes challenging experience. Regardless of which instrument you play, it’s just not as fun having the wind whipping at you or the cold nipping at your exposed skin. Marching bands become downright miserable, your lips are already chapped, and trying to finger the […]

NYSSMA is a professional organization that evaluates elementary to high school-aged student musicians in New York. Participating students have the option to perform scales, a solo piece, or an ensemble piece of their choice, as long as it’s from the designated NYSSMA repertoire. The best way to achieve a high score is to prepare as […]

As with any physical activity, stretching is extremely important for singers before belting out a tune. Having a warmup routine to stretch the vocal cords is always a good idea for both health reasons and for improving one’s singing skills. While every singer’s warmup is unique, there are a few key elements to a warmup […]

The brass family instruments have always been in a class of their own. For hundreds of years, people have admired them for their brightness, their warmth, and the ringing clarity of their sounds. That same admiration has given brass instruments a home in all varieties of music genres from big band symphonies to jazz, swing, […]

Break a leg! People wish you luck in their own unique ways, but it’s more than luck when you have a vocal audition. You have to choose the right song to showcase your sound while giving those in charge of casting a song they haven’t already heard a dozen times. The songs you choose are […]

Everything A Guitarist Should Know About Hand Strength There comes a point for every new guitarist when they discover the true importance of hand strength. It’s just one of those things guitar players know. You’ll notice that it isn’t always easy to hit all the right notes as quickly, accurately, or fluidly as you would like. […]

It’s said that in music, voice itself can be an instrument. In some respects, it can even be the most challenging and dynamic instrument there is. Learning to sing is more than simply learning the right words and notes. The right inflection, enunciation, and pronunciation can make a huge difference in the way a song […]

The ways in which music can enhance our lives are both powerful and abundant. It can transport our minds to new places, inspire us with new ideas, stimulate our creativity, and make us feel alive. Apart from mere poetry, scientific analysis has determined that music actually influences our brain like no other medium. It literally […]

The art of playing piano, navigating 88 keys simultaneously with two hands, is a challenge for all ages but has enormous benefits. Just consider the findings of these three key studies. It’s not surprising that many parents feel cultivating their children’s musical ability through piano lessons is worth the investment. The first step to encouraging […]

If your child loves music, you already understand some of the benefits that come along with learning to play an instrument. Learning music is a hobby that entertains your child and fills him with pride when he accomplishes a new goal. Child musicians gain confidence, build friendships, and find personal satisfaction in a job well […]

Performance anxiety is a surprisingly common issue for many musicians. While they may look confident, even experienced musicians often feel nervous when preparing to play an instrument in front of an audience. This type of nervousness is completely normal. Not all tension is bad. In fact, feeling tense while performing can help you stay focused and […]

No matter how successful you are as a musician, there are definitely small moments in most performances that we wish hadn’t gone that way. So how can you work to fix small performance mistakes that are so common among musical performers? Here are some ways to tackle even the smallest and most persistent errors. Lack of Practice […]

Ah, oui! Today we are going to talk about the beautiful, the historical, the posh country of France. Let me tell you, I’m excited. I love France. So, we know that ballet grew out of this place, as did fashion and fancy food. However, have we thought about the music? You may not have known […]

Fall is a good time to try a new instrument. But, how do you pick an instrument? There are thousands upon thousands of instruments in the world. If we narrow it down, there are anywhere from 22 to 30 instruments in a traditional western orchestra. At this point it’s time to ask yourself some questions. […]

We all know the feeling of being unable to focus while studying. No matter how long you stare at the words in your book or on your flash cards, it can be impossible to focus. Sometimes, it’s the click of someone else’s pen, or a foot tapping in the room, or the TV blaring in […]

For a lot of people, the biggest excuse to miss out on learning an instrument is time restraint. Kids are often involved in many activities including sports, academic clubs, and dance lessons. Parents will worry about the commitment music lessons require. However, music lessons can be extremely beneficial to social and motor development, self esteem […]

When it comes to taking proper music lessons, there are usually two routes you can take: your teacher comes to your home or you go to your teacher at a music school. A lot of people debate the pros and cons of each type of music lesson, but ultimately, it comes down to one question […]

If you asked a famous pianist who made his or her favorite piano, don’t be surprised if the answer is Steinway & Sons. For over 150 years, Steinway and Sons has been recognized as the Gold Standard of pianos, making some of the finest models in the world. But how did they achieve such a […]

No matter how young or old you are, there is one genre of music that will always be a fan favorite: Disney music. The only argument you can really have when it comes to Disney music is what songs are the best — and there are plenty to choose from! If you want to fill […]

As a musician who is getting ready to head off to college, you may start wondering how you’ll be able to stay dedicated to your music once you’re away from home. Well, we have good news for you! Even if you’re not a music major, many universities offer plenty of programs and activities to keep […]

When you play guitar, there are a lot of little nuances that only you, as a guitarist, understand. While not everyone can experience the highs and lows of guitar-playing, those who do know that these things are all too relatable. You are constantly dealing with tangled strings. There is no logical reason why the strings […]

When you’re stressed out, what’s something you do to relax? In you’re like many people, you listen to music. Music can provide amazing benefits when it comes to stress relief — mainly because the melodies and sounds can change our moods. From the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep, use […]