Ensemble & Chamber Classes in Tucson, AZ


The Benefits of Music Ensemble Classes

Beyond just being plain fun, the benefits of supplementing private lessons with an ensemble class are countless. Music skills like awareness of blend and balance, intonation, accuracy in keeping beat, and attention to detail when reading music are sharpened. Music ensemble classes not only offer musical and academic growth, but social-emotional growth as well. When a student participates in an ensemble, they are also forming relationships, practicing trust, building self confidence, and motivation. They are not only making music, they are making memories.

Strings Pre-Twinkle Ensemble

Students practice proper posture, correct bow hold, learn different rhythmic patterns, be introduced to the twinkle, twinkle little star variations, be introduced to tone exercises, learn names of the notes, rhythmic values and other theory skills

Strings Advanced Ensemble

Students practice group tone and tonalization exercises, practice correct notes, learn more complicated rhythmic patterns, work in different chamber music pieces (duos, trios, quartets), tempo changes, dynamics, articulations, bow strokes, etc., review “old” pieces, preview new pieces, perform in front of the group at least once a month.

Guitar Ensemble (Beginner)

This course will reinforce basic technical and musical concepts. In addition, students will improve their listening skills as they learn to play their Suzuki pieces as a group. Students will also have the opportunity to perform their solo pieces for the rest of the class. Beginners are welcome!

Guitar Ensemble (Intermediate to Advanced)

This Course is for more experienced guitar students. In addition to reinforcing technical and musical concepts, students will begin to explore the classical guitar repertoire as a group. Different parts will be assigned to small groups of students within the class to be played together as an ensemble. Students will also have an opportunity to perform their solo pieces for the rest of the class.

Cello Ensemble

Join cellists ranging from the novice to intermediate levels. Students will study music history, theory, and perform in a cello choir, developing ensemble playing and listening skills.

Flute Ensemble

This course is for all flutists who study at the Academy, and also welcomes non-Academy flute students who wish to have an opportunity to play together with other flutists. Participants will work on and perform pieces that involve varying levels of difficulty, allowing for students of all ages to be able to work together, to be inspired by each other and ultimately, to have fun making music. This class is a requirement for Suzuki flute students who can play Mary Had a little Lamb.

Adult String Ensemble

A broad cross section of classical, folk and even jazz repertoire. Group interaction builds both independence of the individual performer and collaborative skills within a group setting. Minimum one year experience with a private teacher, all ages welcome.

Chamber Groups

Chamber groups are formed based on interest and skill level. Students meet weekly or bi-monthly with a teacher. Chamber groups offer an excellent opportunity for collaboration with other instruments.

“My daughter has been attending Music & Dance Academy since January 2023. She started with and is still taking tap and ballet. She loves it! She looks forward to going to each class, especially with Miss Giulia! On days she has dance her eyes shine in anticipation.”

— Donna

“My three kids enjoy their lessons here! Everyone is friendly and Ms. Tamara and Mr. Santacruz are very talented musicians and teachers.”

— Lynn

“My kids have been learning piano at the Music and Dance Academy for about 6 years now. I have to say it’s a great place for learning and also to build expertise in music. We have had a great experience with the teachers there.”

— Manju


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