Tap Dance Classes in Tucson, AZ

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At Music & Dance Academy, anyone can learn to dance tap

Do you have happy feet? This uniquely American dance style developed from Irish and African American dance forms. In Tap Dance Class, students will learn tap terminology and tap combinations to different rhythms and a variety of music, while developing motor skills, rhythm, and coordination while having lots of fun. 42nd Street, here we come! Tap Dance Class combo classes are also available.

Our Approach to Tap Dance Classes

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Dance Lessons Should Be Fun!

We’re aware that your love for tap dance might be what initially brings you to our school, but it’s the sheer enjoyment that encourages your continued attendance! Our goal is for every student to fall in LOVE with their tap dance lessons, embarking on a fulfilling journey of improvement and exploration. We put the “fun” in fundamental tap steps!

Our experienced staff expertly balances high-quality tap dance education with a creative, student-focused approach. This gives students the opportunity to discover and cultivate their passion for rhythm and tap dance. Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned tap dancer, our teachers are eager to assist you in swiftly advancing towards your goals, all while ensuring a fun and engaging experience.

We Emphasize Healthy Technique

Healthy technique is critical to lifelong enjoyment of the dance. Our first priority is teaching strong fundamentals, including safe stretching, technique, vocabulary, and choreography. We believe that thoughtful instruction is essential to dance development and safeguards students from injury.

Once the fundamentals are in place, you can design your journey. Our qualified teachers will assist you in developing your dance and exploring different styles and programs. Learn with us as we infuse elements of performance throughout the year along with year-end recitals into our well-rounded approach to fostering dance excellence.

Tap Dance Classes

Tiny Tappers

(3-4 years)

Tiny Tappers is perfect for little ones who love to make noise with their feet. Through movement games and activities children will learn and practice spatial awareness, rhythm, balance and coordination in this exciting class!



(5-6 yrs)

Little tappers will begin to learn the basics of tap with a focus on rhythm, syncopation, and patterns. Taplettes will play games to help them learn new patterns and steps.


Tap 1

(7+ yrs) Beginner

Tap 1 takes the Taplettes curriculum and spices it up! Adding more complex, embellished steps to the class while stressing unison, clarity, and execution helps these tappers increase their confidence with rhythm and musical structure.


Tap 2

(8+ yrs) Intermediate

Tap 2 adds to the wealth of vocabulary learned in Tap 1 while increasing complexity of steps. Focusing on unison, clarity, and sounds continues to be stressed. Introducing harder tap concepts such as pullbacks and wings, Tap 2 is faster and flashier as the curriculum goes on!


Tap 3

(9+ yrs) Advanced

The sky’s the limit for our most advanced tap class yet! Dancers learn to embellish their work, tap faster, and incorporate intricate patterns and rhythms to their vocabulary. All styles of tap are explored in this challenging, upbeat class. This advanced tap class requires a foundation in the basics learned in earlier levels.


Adult Tap

Adult Tap is an introduction to basic tap steps and principles while focusing on balance, memory, rhythm, and clarity. Perfect for beginning teens or adults of any age, Adult Tap is a great time to learn something new. Bring a friend or make a new one in class!


Starting dance is as easy as 1-2-3!

Together we explore students’ dance goals.

We match students with one of our expert instructors.

Start dancing! Parents get progress updates as we prepare for performances.

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“My daughter has been attending Music & Dance Academy since January 2023. She started with and is still taking tap and ballet. She loves it! She looks forward to going to each class, especially with Miss Giulia! On days she has dance her eyes shine in anticipation.”

— Donna

“My three kids enjoy their lessons here! Everyone is friendly and Ms. Tamara and Mr. Santacruz are very talented musicians and teachers.”

— Lynn

“My kids have been learning piano at the Music and Dance Academy for about 6 years now. I have to say it’s a great place for learning and also to build expertise in music. We have had a great experience with the teachers there.”

— Manju

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the qualifications and experience of the dance instructors?

Our team is comprised of passionate and qualified professionals. All teachers participate in our classroom training and background checks. Many have performance experience and/or relevant degrees and are passionate about sharing their love for the art form with the next generation.

Can parents watch or join the toddler dance classes?

Yes, parents are welcome to watch toddler dance classes! We believe in creating a positive and inclusive environment. While direct participation in class may be limited to the dancers, we encourage parents to observe and share in the joy of their child’s dance experience.

When should my child start tap dance classes?

Many dancers start class as young as preschool age, but dance is an activity that can be started at any age.

What are the benefits of tap dance for young children?

The benefits of tap dance for young children include improved coordination, social skills, and self-expression. 

How often are tap dance classes held?

We offer weekly tap dance classes. You can see our schedule here.

What should my child wear to class and what should we bring?

You can learn more about the dance attire for the classes here

How can I support my child’s tap dance learning?

Support your child’s tap dance learning by practicing basic movements at home, incorporating music into playtime, and celebrating their dance experiences.

Do you offer private lessons?

The studio offers private dance lessons to give students that one on one attention. Preparation for college auditions, theater auditions and to help students to gain confidence, strength and technique.