Music Theory Class in Tucson, AZ

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Creative Music Theory Levels

Creative Music Theory Level 1:

Through fun activities and Music Mind Games, beginning students are introduced to such music theory fundamentals as reading, and writing notes in treble and bass clefs, time signatures and rhythms, scales, intervals, and triads. Ear training and Solfege are introduced.

Creative Music Theory Level 2:

A continuation of learning basic theoretical concepts such as meter, rhythmic values, major and minor scales, intervals and chords. Ear training and Solfege implement the new intervals, scales, chords and music dictation.

Creative Music Theory Level 3:

Further study of theoretical musical terms and definitions, intervals through the octave, perfect intervals, new major and minor scales including black key scales. Introduction to inversions, cadences, primary triads, compound time signatures versus simple. Ear training: intervals through octaves, scales, triads, inversions, and melodic dictations.

Creative Music Theory Level 4:

Continuation of Level 3 including major and minor scales, key signatures, and the circle of 5ths. Introduction to enharmonic scales, diminished and augmented triads, inversions, and more complex cadences. Further rhythmic study and dictation with added emphasis on syncopated rhythms. Musical terms and definitions, introduction to periods and styles from music history. Ear training and Solfege of materials listed above.