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Suzuki Music Lessons in Tucson, AZ (for ages 3-adult)

Suzuki Music Lessons offer a unique opportunity for student, teacher and parent, collectively known as the learning triangle, to collaborate in a joyful, yet disciplined environment. Individual spirit and artistry are nourished and ensembles and performance provide valuable social and artistic experiences, and foster enthusiasm and perseverance.

This very successful method includes private lessons and group classes for students and parents as well as recitals, concerts and Parent’s Forums. The parent’s role in the learning triangle is to attend all lessons and classes with the child, and to serve as the “home teacher.”

We offer Suzuki Music Lessons in:
Piano | Guitar | Violin/Viola/Cello | Flute/Recorder

What is Suzuki?

Dr. Shinichi Suzuki, a classical violinist, developed the Suzuki Method often called “Talent Education” over fifty years ago in Japan. Dr. Suzuki believed that every child can learn. He observed young children speaking their native language at a very early age without any difficulties. This observation served as the foundation for developing his innovative approach of learning to play a musical instrument.

Based on the principles of learning to speak a native language, which he called his “Mother Tongue” approach, he noted the following important facts:

  • Parents are the child’s first and best teachers encouraging the child to learn at his or her own pace in a loving and nurturing environment.
  • Through daily “practice”, with praise, encouragement and repetition, parents develop the child’s spoken vocabulary before introducing them to reading.

Principles of Suzuki Philosophy

Early Beginning

It is never too late to start to study music, but the earlier you start the better. early childhood developments research shows that active participation in a music program is a powerful stimulant for a child’s total human development. The Music and Dance Academy offers Suzuki lessons for children as young as 3 or 4 years old.

Parents Participation / Learning Triangle

Parent involvement is essential to the success of the Suzuki Method. Parents attend all lessons and classes. Student, Teacher, and Parent form a learning triangle, assisting the student to feel secure with the material and learning process. Educated in the Suzuki Method and equipped with home practice tools from the Parent Education class, parents will receive initial instruction on correct playing posture and all of the beginning steps.


Daily listening to recorded Suzuki pieces is very important. It will allow a student to internalize the sound before playing this piece on the instrument. Internalizing the music before actual playing is the same as learning a “mother-tongue”.

Praise and Encouragement

Positive reinforcement is necessary element in teaching children. we gently correct students through demonstration and sincere praise, and encouragement is given by both the teacher and the parent for the smallest successes with the instrument.

Review and Repetition

Review and Repetition are both essential components in learning to play an instrument. Children as a new piece to their repertoire and master it based on their new technical abilities without discarding and forgetting previous pieces. Review and repetition are the building blocks of learning and accomplishing new technical points.

Learning in Small Steps

Each child progresses at his/her own pace. Introducing one point at a time and mastering each small step gives a child a sense of confidence and accomplishment.

Music Reading Readiness

Reading music is a skill taught only when the child is comfortable with the instrument physically, and is able to make a beautiful tone. Just as young children are not expected to be able to read their language before they speak it, Suzuki students are not expected to read music before they have already listened to and can accurately play a fairly extensive repertory of pieces.

Group/Ensemble Classes

Shared experiences build an environment of trust and confidence. Opportunities for observation, frequent performances, reinforcement of skills learned at individual lessons and building friendships, motivate the child and provide the joy of playing with others.

Performance Opportunities foster motivation and are provided for the children as often as possible in organized solo and group concerts, recitals, and group lessons.

Pre-Suzuki Together

An introduction to the Suzuki Program, consisting of four equally important components that ensure success!

Parents Education Class – 90 minutes

There are a more than a few reasons to train parents on how to be successful home teachers, prior to the beginning of instrument study, especially for parents of young children 3 to 7 years. We all know how hard it is to get children to cooperate in any area, whether it is cleaning their room or doing homework. So we have no guarantee that our 3, 4, or 6 year old child will readily practice an instrument without our encouragement and motivation. The only method, which, allows us to introduce children to instrument playing as young as 3 years old, is the Suzuki Method. Parents need to know and understand this method to better assist their children. A registered Suzuki instructor introduces parents to solutions for successful home practice sessions including tips on child motivation, encouragement and inspirational practice ideas.

Observation of Instrumental Lessons (Parent and Child) – 1 Week

Observation of lessons on different instruments helps parents and children in the decision making process of choosing which instrument to play. They observe other students, teachers, and parents working, sharing, and having fun together. We recommend you observe the same type of instrument more than one time to make a confident and informed choice.

Private Lessons – Beginning After Observation and Parent Class

After observing lessons and parent classes, the parent/caregiver who will be practicing with the child is introduced to the chosen instrument by attending 2 private lessons, preferably without the child so you can fully focus on learning. We will teach the parent/caregiver how to help the child at home. The parent/caregiver will learn important essentials about the chosen instrument and will be able to be 2-3 songs ahead of the child which enables them to be an effective home teacher. After these 2 introductory parent lessons, the child will begin their private lessons.

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