5 Reasons Why You Should Play The Flute

5 Reasons Why You Should Play The Flute

The flute is a wonderful instrument that differs from many other wind instruments. It doesn’t come with a reed unlike many other wind instruments like the saxophone and bassoon. The flute is unique in that it’s music blends extremely well with other instruments in the orchestra while having an identity of its own.

It works by having a mouthpiece at one end with the musician blowing into it. There are keys on the flute that lets the musician shorten the distance his or her breath has to travel. This makes the flute’s iconic sounds.

Why You Should Be Playing The Flute

In the world of music, anything goes. Yes even blowing into a pipe with holes. But let’s not put down the good old flute that’s been in thousands of orchestras and many other performances since 1830. Not only does the flute add flair to a performance but it also brings a host of benefits to the musicians playing them.

Improve Your Breathing

Being a wind instrument, you need to be prepared to have extensive amounts of breath exercises. This helps you get ready for practice sessions or even actual performances. Not only does it make it easier for you to properly play the instrument but to also properly regulate your breathing.

Practice and Play Anywhere

The flute is extremely portable and can easily be carried around. This means that you can easily play wherever and whenever you want. The only other instrument that can be carried around as easily as a flute are other wind instruments or the triangle. You can go on vacation and still have your flute with you as you sit on a white sanded beach in Hawaii.

The Flute Is Extremely Versatile

The flute is an amazing instrument. Thanks to its versatility it can easily blend in with any other instrument. It doesn’t matter what instrument is used alongside it, the flute can easily support the music it is featured in. Sure the flute is most commonly seen in orchestras but that doesn’t stop it from being used in other settings. The flute can even be used in rock music, a genre that’s on the opposite spectrum as orchestral music.

Is Easy To Transition From

The flute’s simplicity can easily translate to other skills in other instruments. Being one of the most simple wind instruments, you can learn the basics from it before you transition to something a little more complicated like the saxophone. It can even help you transition to a different kind of instrument as it helps you get accustomed to having practice with an instrument in general.

Great For Beginners and Disabled 

The flute is arguably one of the easiest instruments to learn. The flute just needs you to carry it with one hand and close off holes or keys to be able to play it. Other wind instruments require your hands to be doing two things at all times, while also blowing into the instrument. And some instruments like the drums even require that you be moving your entire body to be able to effectively play.

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