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Ralph Burrows

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Teaching on Wednesdays only. “I started playing trumpet, like most, in elementary school.  I took to it right away and started private lessons soon after.  I enjoyed music and trumpet specifically so much that the more I played the more I grew as a musician. Private lessons helped immensely.

I played classically as well as jazz and rock and whatever I could try.  I also experimented a good bit with electronics and listened to all sorts of “world” music.

During high school, I decided that I was very serious and worked hard to audition for Manhattan School of Music.  I was very lucky to get accepted and studied with a number of world class trumpet professors.

I continue to this day to play trumpet professionally.  Currently, I play in a number of DMV bands in several genres…disco, reggae, afrobeat, jazz, etc.  Not everyone has to be a professional or play their whole life but I truly believe that everyone can benefit from playing an instrument for at least some part of their life.”

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