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Our Approach to Bass Guitar Lessons

At Middle C Music, the bass is more than an instrument with a wooden body and metal strings. It’s a tool you can use to express your emotions, share your musical talent, and connect with others. That’s why we offer personalized bass lessons taught by qualified instructors in an engaging and fun environment. Each lesson is designed to support your development as a musician and individual.

Around since the 1930s, the bass delivers a low-pitched sound. You can hear this instrument in almost every style of music. Whether you’re new to the bass or have played it for years, lessons at Middle C Music can improve your knowledge of the instrument, hone your playing skills and help you achieve your goals.

You’ll also want to take bass lessons at Middle C Music because our instructors are skilled bass players who care about you. Your teacher will listen to you and develop a personalized curriculum that teaches you technical skills and allows you to express your creativity. Each student-centered lesson is filled with plenty of fun as you make the bass sing.

Bass lessons at Middle C Music can prepare you to play the instrument properly, join a school or community band, or gain acceptance into a conservatory program. We’re here to help you become a well-rounded bass player and musician.

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Our Approach to Bass Guitar Lessons


01 Bass Guitar Lessons Should Be Fun!

We all know the feeling: you hear your favorite song come on and you can’t resist the urge to play along on your air guitar! Here at Middle C Music, we can help you convert your musical fantasies into reality – while preserving that irresistible sense of joy you feel when playing along. We want each of our students to LOVE their musical experience with us!

Whether you come to us planning on becoming the next Flea or simply wanting to play songs around the campfire with your friends, our top-notch instructors will help you progress quickly toward your goals while ensuring you have fun along the way.

02 We Emphasize Healthy Technique

Regardless of your ultimate goals, our teachers will prioritize strong fundamentals including proper posture, hand positioning, chords, fretting, picking, and strumming. As students progress, these basics will become second nature – and serve as the foundation from which students can apply their skills across a variety of genres and styles.

We want our guitar students to be literate, well-rounded musicians. Beginners and seasoned performers alike will find value in our approach at Middle C Music, coupling technical instruction with elements of music theory and music history in each lesson.

03 We Care About Your Musical Interests

Your unique interests and background will help guide your experience at Middle C Music. We teach beginners, intermediate, and advanced students who are interested in a variety of styles – including rock, jazz, classical, pop, blues, and more. Whether you’re inspired by modern day singer-songwriters or the rockers of the 1970s, we can’t wait to get started with you!

Our seasoned instructors will draw upon years of playing, performing, and teaching experience to guide you in improving your skills and exploring the many possibilities of your instrument, and advancing toward your goals at a pace that works for you.

Our Bass Guitar Teachers:

Every teacher at Middle C Music is committed to your growth and provides a positive, engaging environment for bass lessons. With our personal, private instruction, you learn from a qualified, skilled and understanding musician who specializes in the bass and creates a customized curriculum just for you. While you will learn techniques, fundamentals and expression, we also support your talent development and help you reach your individual musical goals.

Brock Holmes

Brock Holmes

Guitar, Bass, Piano & Ukulele

Available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, & Saturday Brock Holmes has performed and taught in the D.C. area for more than 30 years. In 2008, he was Music Director of the

Henry Upton

Henry Upton

Guitar, Bass & Ukulele

Available Sunday and Tuesday. Hailing from Washington, D.C., Hank Upton has played bass and guitar for more than 25 years. He has toured internationally, playing more than 1,500 live shows in 20

Felipe Zuñiga

Felipe Zuñiga


Available Thursdays. Felipe first picked up a guitar to escape summer boredom when he was 12 years old at the bequest of his father. Initially, Felipe taught himself but quickly grew serious

Nelson Dougherty

Nelson Dougherty

Guitar, Bass, & Ukulele

Available Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, & Saturday Nelson Dougherty is a multi-instrumentalist, improviser and composer. He studied Jazz and classical guitar at Brevard College where earned a Bachelor of Arts with

Tom Kitchen

Tom Kitchen

Guitar, Ukulele, Piano & Mandolin

Available Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays Tom Kitchen has been straddling musical genres ever since he picked up the guitar. While playing in the Virginia Tech Jazz Big Band, conducted by the

Nick Fliakas

Nick Fliakas

Guitar, Bass, Piano & Ukulele

Available Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays Nick has worked for years as a multi-instrumentalist and singer in the Washington, D.C., area. He has played music around the world and at such

Joe Gallo

Joe Gallo

Guitar & Bass

Available Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays Joe Gallo is a guitarist and composer from Baltimore, Maryland. Having studied classical, jazz, rock and blues in depth, Joe provides his students with a diverse

Felipe Verdejo

Felipe Verdejo

Voice, Guitar & Bass

Felipe Verdejo is a musician from Santiago, Chile and Jersey City, NJ, now residing in Washington DC. Felipe started music at a young age, playing baritone and singing in choirs in grade school.

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“In addition to utterly wonderful staff, this place is indescribably beautiful and is a beyond outstanding choice for your musical needs. Go check it out!”

— Chris Vuille-Kowing

“Great music store and amazing workers! I would like to spotlight Mike for his outstanding hospitality toward me and my son. He not only helped him pick out an instrument but he got him to take lessons as well. Thank you so much and we will be sure to come back again!”

— Anthony Montgomery

“Michael, the Floor Manager is a great guy. We’ve been speaking on the phone and he’s quick to answer any and all questions. Staff is great. I always get a email reply the same day and it’d be more fun if I came in person. Thank you guys for running an amazing business! I couldn’t been more happier!!”

— Oscar Rios

“Have been shopping at this store for about 6 years and have always loved the place. The staff is extremely helpful, informed, and extremely nice.”

— Thanks Middle C!

“Outstanding service, friendly staff; made us feel like FAMILIA!!! It just happened to be my son’s sweet 16th and THEIR Sweet 16th Anniversary and THEY GAVE HIM A CALENDAR and some Mozart socks!!! It was amazing and made my boy’s day! I hope we can have an Open Mic Nite there in May!!!”

— Luis J. Martinez

“Had a wonderful experience today! Bought my daughter her first ukulele today and we were serenaded out by the staff! Love the mom&pop shop feel.”

— Tamia Barnes Tomasek

“Great local place with in-house expertise. Friendly and fun folks to help you with all your musical needs. Good prices too!”

— Sharon Jaffess-Brown

“Wow! This place is awesome. Great variety of instruments, a bit of gear and lots of sheet music. Staff was super helpful and the rest of the staff was nice and interactive. You can tell these folks really take pride in what they do!”

— Sebastian Rodriguez

Lesson Pricing


30 Min Lesson



30 minute lessons are great for learning the basics and building a strong foundation.



60 Min Lesson



Longer lessons, perfect for motivated, intermediate or advanced musicians.




What is the minimum age to start bass lessons at Middle C Music?

Playing the bass requires physical dexterity, muscular development and coordination as you hold the instrument, pluck strings, and create chord patterns. For this reason, we prefer to start bass lessons after a child turns 5. Of course, older students and adults are also welcome to take lessons and gain the confidence, self-discipline, and other benefits that result from playing the bass.

Do I need any prior experience?

Students of all skill levels may take bass lessons at Middle C Music. We’re here to support you whether you’ve never picked up a bass before, have played casually for a while or hope to become a professional soon. Your first few lessons may be easier if you’re familiar with the bass and can read music, but you will receive a solid foundation of knowledge, technique, and understanding that helps you master this instrument.

What styles of bass can I learn?

The bass definitely features prominently in a variety of musical styles, including rock, pop, country, bluegrass, folk, R&B, blues, and classical. Middle C Music offers lessons in all of these styles and more, which means you can learn to play your favorite songs or type of music. Your teacher will also introduce various musical styles during lessons and encourage you to expand your capabilities and develop new skills.

What books will I need?

Middle C Music instructors create a unique curriculum for every bass student, so you will not receive a standard list of books to buy. Instead, you’ll spend time at your first lesson discussing your goals, interests, and needs. Your teacher will then recommend the books that fit your needs.

Is bass the right fit for me?

With so many different types of instruments available, you may question if the bass is the right fit for you. We suggest you listen to music that features the bass and try a lesson. You may also consider why you want to play the bass and ensure you’re motivated enough to practice regularly in order to support your ongoing learning. These strategies help you decide if this instrument is one you want to invest in and will enjoy playing.

Why come to Middle C Music for bass lessons?

You have a unique reason for playing the bass, and your teacher at Middle C Music will help you reach your goals. We cultivate a fun, engaging, and student-focused environment that promotes curiosity, creativity, and talent. You’ll appreciate the personalized curriculum and individual attention you receive during bass lessons at Middle C Music.

Ready to begin bass lessons?

Contact Middle C Music today and schedule your first bass lesson. Discover how our student-focused approach creates a learning environment that’s engaging and fun. We’re here to help you achieve your bass playing goals, and we look forward to hearing from you.