Learn Music Production

Learn to Write, Record, Mix & Upload Music

young student playing the piano in Washington DC

Be Your Own Music Producer!

* Where would the Beatles be without George Martin?

* Where would Rihanna be without Jay-Z?

This course will cover everything you need to write, record, mix, and upload their song, whether original or cover. You will go from start to finish and leave your child with their own multi-track recording, and perhaps even become a viral Spotify star!

Taught by Jaylin Conner (you may hear his productions on his Soundcloud page) and A.J. Rios (here is his Bandcamp page.

To sign up, email info@middlecmusic.com or call 202-244-7326.

Required for class:

Device with digital recording software on it. Preferred is an iPhone, iPad or Mac computer with GarageBand software ($15, I believe for devices, comes free on computers almost always). For Windows users, Audacity is a free easy-to-use, multi-track audio editor and recorder.

Headphones or earbuds that connect to your device.

Something to make music with. (Voice, acoustic instruments, instruments through a speaker, MIDI keyboard, audio interface for the people that have the equipment.)