Music Lessons Policies

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Lesson Policies (2023-2024)

To start lessons, please call (202) 244-7326 to set up a lesson time. When coming in for your first lesson, please arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled lesson in order to finish registration.

Lesson Pricing

  • $230/month for half-hour lessons
  • $460/month for hour-long lessons
  • The initial lesson is billed individually and treated as a trial, at $55 for a half-hour lesson and $110 for a sixty-minute lesson.
  • Lesson payments will be charged on the 1st of the month prior to lessons being given. The charge for one month of half-hour lessons is $230; this is an average cost that works out to 50 lessons over the 50 weeks we are open per calendar year.
  • We require students to inform us of their absence at least 24 hours beforehand to be eligible for lesson rescheduling. Lessons are eligible to be rescheduled up to 30 days after the initial missed lesson, and cannot be refunded or credited due to a student absence. Reschedules are dependent on your teacher’s availability, and are not guaranteed.
  • If you choose to end lessons, we ask for two weeks notice.
2023-2024 school calendar

Frequently Asked Questions


Does Middle C Music provide at-home lessons?

All lessons from Middle C Music take place in the store. We have nine studios and 20+ teachers at our location. Unfortunately, we do not contract with any of our teachers to provide at-home lessons.

Why am I charged for a lesson even if I give 24 hours notice that my student will be absent?

Think of signing up for lessons as a weekly commitment to your teacher. When you are absent–even if you give 24 hours notice or more–your teacher will still be at the store at your scheduled lesson time. As such, you are charged for that time commitment to your teacher. However, when you do give us at least 24 hours notice of an absence, we will do everything in our power to reschedule your lesson and make sure you and your teacher get the most time possible to work on your music!

What if my student misses a lesson because they are sick?

If your student is absent from a lesson due to an illness, you are still responsible for paying for that lesson time (see above). However, we do realize that illnesses happen at inconvenient and unpredictable times. With that in mind, please call and let us know about the absence as soon as you can and we will do our best to reschedule that lesson for you.