Instrument Rentals in Washington, DC

Musical Instrument Rentals

We rent top-quality student level instruments on a month-to-month basis. The instruments are cleaned and checked thoroughly between all rentals, and come with everything you need to get started. There is no minimum commitment, and there are no cancellation fees. When you’re done playing the instrument, simply return it. Complete this form to get started.

We Offer:

  • Flute
  • Clarinet
  • Trumpet & Trombone
  • Snare & Bell
  • Violin, Viola & Cello
  • Sax (Alto/Tenor)

Rent to Own

All Middle C Music rental instruments are built on a Rent-to-Own system; after renting an instrument for a certain amount of time, you will own it! Alternatively, you are allowed to apply equity you have built in your rental instrument toward the price of a brand new Step-Up or Professional level instrument of the same type (i.e. can apply equity in a trumpet toward a Step-Up trumpet, but not a Step-Up flute).

trumpet player rent to own instruments

Instruments We Rent

We currently rent the following instruments and brands:

Flute (Standard and Curved Head)Armstrong, Azumi, Jupiter
ClarinetLeblanc, Jupiter
Alto SaxophoneAntigua, Cannonball, Eastman, Jupiter
Tenor saxophoneCannonball, Jupiter
TrumpetBlessing, Conn, King, Jupiter
TromboneConn, King, Jupiter
Snare/Bell KitLudwig, Mapex, Rogers
Violin (1/16th – Full Size)Eastman, Glaesel, Scherl & Roth
ViolaEastman, Glaesel, Scherl & Roth
Cello (1/2 – Full Size)Eastman, Glaesel, Scherl & Roth

Monthly Fee Structure

Most instruments we rent cost $31.44 per month (Saxophone and Cello being the exception. See below). The largest portion of your rental payment goes toward the principal on your rent-to-own balance, while the other parts go toward tax and a liability and damage waiver (LDW) which covers problems that arise through normal wear and tear; problems due to negligence and abuse are not covered by the LDW.

girl playing flute
Instrument TypeBase FeeLDWTaxMonthly Total
All instruments (except saxophone and cello)$25.00$5.00$1.50$31.50
Alto Saxophone$39.00$15.00$2.34$56.34
Tenor Saxophone$59.00$15.00$3.54$77.54
All instruments (except sax & cello)Base Fee – $25.00LDW – $5.00Tax – $1.50Total – $31.50
Alto SaxophoneBase Fee – $39.00LDW – $15.00Tax – $2.34Total – $56.34
CelloBase Fee – $15.00LDW – $15.00Tax – $2.82Total – $66.94
Tenor Saxophone Base Fee – $15.00LDW – $15.00Tax – $3.54Total – $77.54

Violin Size Chart

5-7 years1/4 size
7-9 years1/2 size
9-12 years3/4 size
12 years+full size

Cello Size Chart

7-11 years1/2 size
9-12 years3/4 size
12 years+full size