Who We Are

We support excellence in musical pedagogy
through excellence in music school administration


The real MVPs of our operation are our 40+ teachers, who are actually doing the important work of nurturing passion and fostering musicianship in our students. They are too many to list here individually, but you can find lots more about them by visiting our school websites via our Our Schools page.

At Ensemble HQ, we embrace our role behind the scenes as supporters and enablers of our teachers. Our job is to make sure the trains run on time, taking care of all of the scheduling, administrative, and finance work necessary to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for our students and teachers. We are also responsible for getting the word out about our schools to help grow our musical communities and ultimately bring music into as many lives as possible.


Ensemble Music Schools is managed by company founder Jeff Homer. In his own words:

“I have been a lifelong (but decidedly unexceptional!) student of music, studying piano, voice, and drums at various times. As a result, I understand the positive impact that music education can have on one’s life, even at my modest level of achievement. I feel this has also given me a window into the difficulty that individual music teachers face in building their studios, as most of my own teachers have been excellent in the pedagogy department but much less excellent at administering and marketing their small businesses. My belief is that a music school can attract outstanding teachers if it allows teachers to focus on teaching music, leaving all of the administrative details to the school, and outstanding teachers are the primary competitive advantage of a school at the end of the day. My vision is to own a group of schools around the country that are focused on delivering top-quality music education, and to maintain the existing local brands and “look and feel” for each acquired school, but to use the benefits of scale to create a best-in-class administrative, finance, and marketing function that can be centralized to better support each of the schools.”