What We Do

We support excellence in pedagogy through excellence in music and dance school administration.


Our teachers are the heart and soul of our business, so we obsess over their success. To us, this means making it as easy as possible to show up and teach their art form, with all of the administrative details taken care of. This is one of the primary reasons that a teacher chooses to work for one of our schools–more time spent doing what you love and less time spent on administrative tasks.
We entrust our teachers with the freedom to teach based on their experiences and the needs of their students. We employ pedagogical methods and curricular supports where helpful but welcome diversity in teaching styles and approaches. We believe this is advantageous to our students and classrooms because everyone learns differently and has different goals and interests for attending a performing arts school. Our schools offer a variety of teachers who are passionate about sharing their knowledge with the next generation.
Another advantage of our scale is that we have professional resources to devote to management that an independent school typically does not. We believe that a centralized and dedicated management function can help engage and grow our performing arts communities much more effectively – with the ultimate goal of bringing the arts into as many lives as possible. Of course, this also positions us to deliver steady growth in students and teaching hours to our teachers, making efficient use of their time spent at the school and enabling those who desire to do so to make a consistent living teaching.


We believe that a performing arts education is a lifelong journey and is appropriate for individuals of all ages and skill levels. While many of our teachers are equipped to serve students with collegiate and professional ambitions, and we celebrate our students with these meritorious goals, we are equally delighted to work with students of all abilities seeking to enrich their lives through the performing arts.
Students can expect a fun and welcoming learning environment with quality teachers underpinned by individual assessments and personalized guidance throughout their learning journey. While our focus always begins with safe classroom practices and healthy technique, what follows thereafter depends on a student’s unique interests, abilities, and ambitions. We celebrate differences in both teaching styles and learning styles, and always work to find a good fit for our students among our faculty and programs.


By delivering on our commitments to teachers and students, we have an opportunity to create a ‘virtuous cycle’ of reinforcing positive teacher-facing and student-facing reputations for our schools. Great teachers cultivate our schools’ reputations for positive classroom experiences and excellence in pedagogy, which attracts a loyal base of students, which in turn allows the schools to attract and retain even more high-quality faculty who can be confident they will be able to get the teaching hours they desire to further their careers, which starts the cycle over again. Said differently, our success will be a product of our students’ success and our teachers’ success. We are aligned with you.

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