Our Mission

Excellence in Arts Education Through Excellence in Administration

boy playing guitar

Our Values

Stewardship Matters

We are stewards of the performing arts businesses we acquire, their legacies, and the communities they serve. Our belief that arts education enriches lives drives us to support sustainable business models that provide safe and nurturing experiences for our students and their families, along with meaningful, sustainable career opportunities for our team.

Growth Fuels Purpose

As an acquirer, growth unlocks new resources and allows us to use the benefits of scale to positively impact the communities we support and the industry in which we operate. As educators, we believe in the capacity of students and staff to develop new skills through practice and mentorship, and we are committed to fostering advancement opportunities for individuals who share this growth mindset.

We Are Stagehands

We describe ourselves as stagehands because we embrace a supporting role in service of our students and teachers, and all of our efforts and resources are directed in support of enriching classroom experiences. We believe in staying humble, taking ownership, and solving problems as we have fun working together to further our mission.

Who We Are