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Choosing the right activity for your child is exciting. Dance stands out as an appealing option due to its wide array of styles, such as Hip Hop, Ballet, Jazz, and Tap, ensuring there is something for all kinds of students. Beyond being a fun interest, research has shown dance to be one of the most […]

Deciding what to wear for a piano recital can depend on several factors, including the musical piece you will be performing, the venue, and the expected level of formality. The song you are playing evokes different emotions, and your outfit should represent the mood of your song. For example, if you are playing “Ode to […]

Since the beginning of time, songwriting has been a tool used to pass along stories and express life’s journey. Some songs comment on societal issues, while others are just simply about the joys of a Sunday morning. There are so many different approaches to writing a song. Some people begin with a lyric or melody […]

When you think of women in music, you might think of the great pop stars like Madonna or Beyonce. Or maybe you think of the iconic songwriters like Taylor Swift and Dolly Parton. However, what many overlook are the talented females taking on the instruments often considered “unconventional” for women. Today, we will explore the […]

For many children, dance is pure magic! They may picture themselves as a sparkling ballerina fairy, a fast-moving tapper, or a grooving hip hop artist. If your child has been begging for dance lessons, you might be wondering what it will cost to make their dream a reality. The good news is that any amount […]

Leotards and unitards are highly versatile uniforms used for dancing and gymnastics. Not sure what the differences are? Here’s the guide you’ll need to choose the right one and get your groove on! The two skintight, one-piece garments have one key difference that sets them apart visually: a unitard has long legs and sometimes long […]

Getting ready for your child’s first dance lesson is an exciting adventure full of joy and expectation. Whether your child is spinning with joy or tapping their toes with enthusiasm, they are in for a treat! Dance class will bring happiness and friendships as they gain skills, coordination, and physical fitness. Learn what to expect […]

The Quest for Melody: Best Age to Start Music Lessons A World Awaits Music learning unlocks a world of fun, and choosing what age to get your child started has the potential to impact interest, creativity, and ability. Get ready for an exhilarating adventure! The Battle of Perspectives Two schools of thought collide! Some swear […]

Have you ever wondered if dress codes in dance are more than just a matter of style? Whether you’re a passionate ballet dancer or a hip-hop aficionado, how you dress in the dance studio or on stage plays a significant role in shaping your experience. Additionally, different dance genres have dress code expectations that align […]

Unlock Your Musical Potential at Summer Music Camps Summer’s is here! With school out and more free time on your hands, there’s no better opportunity to consider the benefits of summer music camps and programs. These programs offer a structured learning environment that allows students to develop their musical skills, collaborate with other musicians, and […]

Matching Musical Goals, Needs, and Abilities There are a few things to consider when choosing a summer music camp that best suits you or your child’s needs. First, consider the level of musical proficiency. There are plenty of camps with different levels of intensity and focus. Talk with your child or reflect for yourself on […]

Strumming Up a New Hobby: Learning Guitar as an Adult Learning the guitar at any age is a valuable pursuit. As adults, we tend to think that we’ve passed the threshold of learning new skills, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! In fact, American blues musician T-Model Ford started playing guitar at age […]