Begin Your Journey as a Musician


Matching Musical Goals, Needs, and Abilities There are a few things to consider when choosing a summer music camp that best suits you or your child’s needs. First, consider the level of musical proficiency. There are plenty of camps with different levels of intensity and focus. Talk with your child or reflect for yourself on […]

Strumming Up a New Hobby: Learning Guitar as an Adult Learning the guitar at any age is a valuable pursuit. As adults, we tend to think that we’ve passed the threshold of learning new skills, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! In fact, American blues musician T-Model Ford started playing guitar at age […]

No place like home: benefits of in-home piano lessons Extracurricular activities provide children (and adults!) the chance to pursue a personal hobby and challenge oneself. While taking up a new skill or activity can be intimidating, it doesn’t have to be — especially when done in the comfort of your own home. In-home music lessons […]

Buying Your First Guitar: What to Expect Want to start learning guitar but not sure where to start? Finding a great teacher or local music school in your area is the perfect way to begin your musical journey, but before you start lessons, you’ll need an instrument! No matter your location, you have a variety […]

In the wake of a pandemic that upended education in America, a record number of families are now turning to homeschooling. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, over 11% of families are now choosing to educate their children at home — more than double the pre-pandemic figure. While families choose this schooling option for a […]

Many people have taken some form of music education in their lives – whether it was private lessons in childhood, orchestra in high school, or even community choir in adulthood. While not everyone will go on to become the next Norah Jones or Led Zeppelin, music lessons can enrich our everyday lives far beyond the […]

Although singing may look simple, the voice is actually a complex series of systems that form an expressive and delicate living instrument. Just as you would care for a physical instrument, singers need to understand how to preserve and protect their voice to best position them for success.  Voice lessons are the best way to […]

I have several hobbies that I enjoy and are very important to me, but I have to confess that I’m not very good at them. I like golf and play regularly with my friends, but I carry a 33 handicap, which is about as bad as it gets. I also enjoy sailing and windsurfing, which […]

The Ultimate Guide to Acing Your College Music Audition For many high school music students, the summer recess provides an opportunity to prepare for the college auditions that will determine your life after graduation. Whether you’ve dreamed of attending Julliard since childhood or envisioned a career dancing on the Broadway stage, there are a number […]

Summer is quickly approaching, which means you’re probably lining up activities to keep your child occupied — and learning — during the extended school recess. While you may be partly excited about filling their schedules with sleepaway camp, Girl Scout troops, and art classes, you may also feel like you’re missing out on valuable time […]

A Great Tool for Drummers of all Ages It’s no surprise that the pandemic changed the behaviors and habits of all kinds of people. Musicians were no different. One of the biggest shifts in the musical world came about through our need for collaboration. We weren’t able to congregate in the same settings–concerts, jam sessions, […]

Practice Apps for Musicians There are apps for everything these days. From tracking your water intake, to organizing your finances, to reminding you to meditate, smartphone apps are there to help make things easier in any part of life. For musicians, practicing our craft is a significant part of daily life. With the constant integration […]