Voice and Singing Lessons in Schaumburg, Illinois

Our Approach to Singing Lessons

The voice is different from other instruments in that no two are ever exactly alike. Having an expert teacher to help you analyze and develop your unique voice is key. Our instructors are excited to work with a wide variety of singing styles and musical genres, and strive to encourage individuality while making the learning experience fun for students of all ages. Below is an outline of our approach.

Voice Lessons Should Be Fun!

Finding your own voice is one of life’s great pleasures – and learning how to use it makes that feeling even sweeter! At Schaumburg Music Academy, we want every student to LOVE their music lessons and find fulfillment in learning how to sing. 

Our voice teachers create a positive and supportive learning environment where you can succeed, no matter your starting point or level of experience. Whether you are singing in a choir, a musical theatre ensemble, as a soloist, or just in the car, our experienced teachers can help you build confidence and have fun, while working on music you enjoy.

We Emphasize Healthy Technique

Singing may look simple enough, but the voice is a complex series of systems that form an expressive and delicate living instrument inside of each of us. Perhaps more than any other musical discipline, having an experienced voice teacher to assist you in training these processes to work together is key to healthy, lifelong enjoyment of singing.

Schaumburg Music Academy’s highly-trained instructors will assist you in learning strong fundamentals including proper breathing, diction, resonance, stage presence, and non-verbal expression. We strive to ensure that our voice students become literate musicians, so lessons will also include discussions of music theory, history, and rhythm. Mastering these technical basics will broaden your horizons and allow you to explore many different styles and genres of music in the future!

We Care About Your Musical Interests & Goals

We teach all styles of singing, including musical theatre, classical, contemporary/pop, jazz, country, and folk. Your voice is unique – and therefore, your instruction should be, too. Whether you are a beginner, have some experience, or are an accomplished performer with a desire to further develop your skills, our teachers will provide customized guidance designed to advance your individual goals.
Learn from our experienced staff of professional singers and graduates from several prestigious musical programs. At Schaumburg Music Academy, we approach each lesson with a goal of inspiring creativity, instilling confidence, and exploring the dimensions of what your special voice can do.

Ages 7 and up

Learn one-on-one with our teachers, who are talented vocalists themselves. Our excellent voice teachers help cultivate growth in your singing and voice talents.

Here at Schaumburg Music Academy, we believe that anyone can sing. The voice is an amazing instrument, unlike any other. With proper instruction and practice, it can become stronger, richer, and more tuneful. Our skilled teachers thrive on helping students reach their full potential as vocalists, while having fun along the way!

Our first priority is teaching healthy vocal technique and we take a holistic approach to student development through care and attention to the voice, body, and mind. We teach all styles of singing, including Musical Theatre, Classical, Contemporary/Pop, Jazz, Country, and Folk. Instruction is always driven by a student’s interests and abilities.

We strive to ensure that our voice students acquire the fundamentals necessary to become literate musicians, meaning that singers not only perform but know how to speak their music and study. Some extras in lessons include discussions of music theory, history, and rhythm.

If you have a love for singing and a desire to improve, we would love to instruct you.

Singing is a powerful tool for self-realization and for nourishment of others. Developing it is a shared responsibility.

Meribeth A. Dayme, Dynamics of the Singing Voice


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Our Teachers

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Our Voice Teachers

Our voice teachers hold credentials from illustrious universities, and many of them perform regularly with various nationwide and community groups outside of the teaching studio. This wide range of experience allows them to pass on a more well-rounded musical perspective to their students.

Andrea Figueroa

Andrea Figueroa

Voice & Piano

Andrea Figueroa is a recent graduate from Elmhurst College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music with a Conducting focus, along with a Vocal Performance Certificate. In her 5 years at

Learn More

Jennifer Thompson

Jennifer Thompson

Voice & Piano

Jennifer Thompson is an accomplished vocalist who has performed many times in the Chicago area. She sang Elgar’s Sea Pictures for the Friends of the Windows concert series at St. James Chapel.

Learn More

Jose  Guadalupe  Flores

Jose Guadalupe Flores


– Enjoy private music lessons tailored to your skill and level from a passionate and enthusiastic educator. Jose Guadalupe has over 5 years of international, private, and group teaching experience. Jose is

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We offer voice lessons for all levels of experience and our instructors can teach many different genres of music, it’s all up to you!

New To Voice Lessons? Here’s What To Expect

At Schaumburg Music Academy, we welcome all music learners, from total beginners to advanced students preparing for university or conservatory study. We understand that for those who are new to music lessons or voice lessons, getting started can seem a little daunting. Here’s what to expect if you’re new to singing.

What Books Will I Need?

Our teachers use a variety of voice curricula out of the many available today. In or before a student’s first lesson at Schaumburg Music Academy, the teacher will provide a list of voice books to purchase.

What Is The Best Age To Start Voice Lessons?

One of the most beautiful aspects of the human singing voice is that your instrument grows and changes with age and experience. Because vocal instruction requires a certain level of development and understanding, we recommend beginning no younger than age six.

Teaching a child to sing is much different than teaching an adult to sing, both in terms of technique and methodology. Our teachers are experienced at crafting lesson content and repertoire specific to each age group. Young children greatly benefit from vocal instruction by discovering their own healthy, imitation-free sound. Voice lessons are also a great way for a person of any age to practice poise and confidence.

For adult and adolescent students, instruction can be much more in-depth as you learn about what is physically involved in good vocal production. At this stage, students may select more challenging repertoire as they continue refining their technique.

If you want to sing, our instructors would love to work with you. Let us meet you where you are and assist you on your musical journey.

What Sets Schaumburg Music Academy Apart?

We know you have many options available to you when it comes to choosing a music instructor or school. So, why should Schaumburg Music Academy be your top choice?

First, our voice  instructors are all highly qualified, experienced, and passionate about what they do. We have multiple voice instructors on staff, and we are confident we can find a teacher that will suit your specific personality and needs.

In addition, the atmosphere of musical freedom at Schaumburg Music Academy is unmatched. Each staff member is interested in your personal growth as a performer. Our goal is that your experience at Schaumburg Music Academy will enable you to engage in the musical world with confidence and creativity no matter where your journey takes you.

Ready to Start Voice Lessons in Schaumburg, Illinois?

Are you ready to get started with singing lessons for yourself or a family member in the Schaumburg area? We would be happy to help you find a teacher who is a perfect fit for your musical goals.

Come learn from one of our experienced teachers and get meaningful voice instruction that’s tailored to your specific needs and goals. Contact Schaumburg Music Academy today to set up your first lesson!


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  • My daughter started voice lessons with Gary at the Schaumburg location about a month ago. As a concerned parent I was interested in what she thought of him as her instructor. She likes him! Not in any romantic or crush sort of way, but as a highly trained and skilled professional who knows what he is teaching.

    In fact all of the staff at the Schaumburg location, in my opinion of course, are very dedicated, trained, involved, respectful, and completely committed to the session time. I work third shift and staying awake to take and pick-up my daughter is not always easy. I mentioned the situation once to them, and now when there is a cancelation they give me a call to see if we can get in earlier. If you have ever worked third shift you know how thoughtful this is.

    They have a great facility, convenient location, and a very easy going demeanor that translates into very productive training for the student. If you are looking for your child to receive solid foundational training in any of the lessons they offer, I do not believe you could do better than this Their prices are well within contemporary rates for the area, and would be an investment in the future fulfillment to your children´s musical development.

    Mark Bock Review
  • Three of my children, a nephew and I have been taking lessons from Schaumburg Music for about 8 years. Drums, Violin, Bass guitar & Guitar.
    I have been playing (blues, rock, folk) guitar as a main instrument for over 45 years and still learned things from their excellent guitar teacher Mike. David has taught my youngest son bass guitar and now he has a great foundation as a bass player. My oldest son was taught by two of Schaumburg Music’s drum teachers, Eugene (who moved out of state) and Nate. Nate has been a phenomenal teacher for my son, challenging him weekly with advanced studies in rhythm, while encouraging him to listen to all types of music to understand how rhythm moves the music. My oldest daughter took violin lessons from Codruta as a second instrument and i was very please and surprised at how quickly she learned a string instrument coming from a piano background. I also arranged for my nephew to take rock guitar lessons from Mike (after I could teach him no more) and now he shreds with the best of them.

    They have a very good selection of instruments at different price points. Band instruments, electronic pianos, violins, guitars & bass guitars to name a few. They recently picked up the Samick guitar brand and it fits in nicely with their lower priced beginner instruments. I often play them while waiting for my children to finish their lessons and I am surprised at the quality that goes into these fine instruments. They also have a great selection of music necessities. My daughters often send me in for reeds or cleaning kits for their various woodwind instruments (oboe, sax, flute) and I often drop in for a set of strings for myself.

    Over the years I have found the staff to be thoughtful and courteous, which is probably why i have remained a Customer for so many years. Also, each of the teachers has a passion for what they teach. If you are looking for a great place to teach a child (or adult) music, I highly recommend Schaumburg Music, where they will not only get a musical education, but also a passion for music.



    Grant Dittmer
  • I have been a customer of Marlena’s Music, Schaumburg Music Store since I moved to the Schaumburg area six years ago. What I have found and still find today is a personal touch that she has when she greets me when I enter the store. What I liked when I first came 6 years ago and still do now is the variety of piano method books, as I use different method books to suit each individual students´ needs. I am also impressed with this stores use of current technology as just the other day I needed a particular song in a different key and Marlena had the computer ready to download my song in the key I needed. I paid just a nominal fee. Schaumburg Music is a little hard to spot from Schaumburg Road but well worth the time to look closely

    Mary Helen H.
  • My daughter has been taking violin lessons at Schaumburg Music for 2 years. We have had a wonderful experience with the teachers. She was only 5 years old when she started and they made us both feel very comfortable. I am happy with the quality of the lessons, as she has made much progress over the 2 years. We enjoy the annual recitals. We hope to have many more years at this studio. I highly recommend this studio for your or your children´s music lessons.

    Chris Kolcz
  • For the past 6 years, Schaumburg Music has been a positive influence on our 12 year old son Josh. He has been taking piano lessons with Marlena at his side the whole time, and has grown quite into a very good piano student. Schaumburg Music Center, with its dedicated and inspirational instructors, is an excellent place for anyone who is considering learning how to play an instrument. We are very satisfied with SMC; rate is reasonable, location is ideal, and we all look forward Judson U! Keep up the good work! You guys are doing a wonderful job.

    The Manalansan Family
  • We have been sending our kids to the Schaumburg Music center for several years now. We started with our son taking piano lessons from Mr. David and my son loves learning from him. Mr. David has been such a wonderful teacher with a good mix of patience, humor and flexibility that we could hardly wait for our daughter to start her lessons at the center. She learns violin and initially we weren’t sure if she will like the experience, so rented the equipment from the center. We were very fortunate to get Ms. Corduta as her teacher, who was extremely sincere and methodical in her approach. Our daughter simply adored her teacher and we bought a violin at the center to continue with her education.

    Ms. Marlena puts in considerable efforts to maintain a very professional center where learning gets the highest priority. She organizes annual concerts for the children to showcase their talent in front of a live audience, and it is such a delightful present for the mothers on the Mother’s Day! Thanks to Marlena and all the teachers for their continued support in helping the children pursue their musical knowledge!

    Sukanya & Subbu
  • My children have been coming to Schaumburg Music for a couple of years. When my children first started at Schaumburg Music, they knew very little on how to play a musical instrument. The teachers are very knowledgeable; they really work great with the kids. They took the time to make sure the kids understood about the instruments that the kids wanted to play. They taught them how to read the musical notes and how to read the music sheets so they can play songs. Now my children are playing many different songs, it is amazing to hear and watch them play their instruments. The music teacher and support staff are very professional and easy to work with. You just need to let them know what you want to play and they will set you up with the things you need to get started.

    John Tarchala
  • I don’t think it gets any better than Schaumburg Music Academy. The excellent piano lessons by a well qualified instructor and a schedule that fits my needs brought me in. However it is the welcoming atmosphere, knowledgeable staff, and friendly conversation that keep me here. I would definitely recommend anyone who loves music to come check it out!

    Katie A.
  • My son just started coming here for trumpet lessons with Sam. They are very friendly and encouraging and able to accomodate our schedule. My son is really enjoying his lessons here.

    Kelly L.
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