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Whether you’re looking for resources to augment your child’s lessons or to decide on whether lessons are right for your child, we want to help. Schaumburg Music Academy also offers virtual music lessons. Learn with our teachers from anywhere!

Now more than ever is a great time to start playing music. Having a routine may improve daily or weekly predictability for students, which can reduce stress!

Whether you’re looking for resources to augment your child’s lessons or to decide on whether lessons are right for your child, we want to help.

How Do Online Music Lessons Work at Schaumburg Music Academy?

We’ve worked hard to ensure that our virtual music lessons are as seamless as possible for parents and students. You’ll book your sessions with your preferred instructor at a time that suits your schedule.

When it comes time for your lesson, you’ll meet with your instructor virtually using Zoom or another video conferencing platform.

Our teachers will continue to tailor lessons to each students unique needs and goals.

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Additional Online Lesson Info

COVID-19 has, for the time being, changed many aspects of life for students and parents alike. When school went online and students went home in March, everyone was scrambling. You parents who adapted and overcame are to be commended!

As school gives way to summer, the upheaval keeps coming. Most traditional summertime activities are canceled throughout the Chicagoland area, leaving many parents in a lurch. Music lessons are one way to fill that void. Starting music lessons virtually might sound crazy, but in our experience, it works quite well. And current students are enjoying continuing their studies online, too.

Virtual Music Lessons Take Center Stage at Schaumburg Music Academy

The staff and families of Schaumburg Music Academy have also had to adapt to this new reality. Music lessons are still happening, but they’ve gone digital just like school did. We’re glad we can continue partnering with students and families to provide high-quality music instruction in this way while complying with stay-at-home orders and keeping safe social distance.

Start or Continue Music Lessons From Your Own Home

It’s easier now than it’s ever been to experience the joys of learning an instrument. With our online portal, you can log-in from the comfort of your own home to learn techniques and practice with the gifted instructors at Schaumburg Music Academy. Schedule for the same duration and frequency you would if you were in the studio and ditch the traffic and accommodations necessary for in-person lessons.

We’re still focused on providing a completely personalized music education experience for all of our students, so you can rest assured that the quality of instruction will not be compromised by the changing logistics.

As great as virtual lessons are, we know some parents are looking for additional resources to augment the experience. And if you’re exploring music lessons for the first time, you might want to explore music more generally before committing to lessons.

With these factors in mind, the Schaumburg Music Academy team has put together a list of music resources that can be helpful to both prospective and current student families. The best part? Using these resources, you don’t need an advanced music degree to share the joy of music with your child!

Virtual Concerts Are Everywhere

Attending concerts is (in normal circumstances) a fantastic way to inspire your child to continue pursuing excellence in music. Of course, attending concerts in person is impossible right now. But that hasn’t stopped numerous arts organizations, musicians and bands from finding ways to enrich the lives of audiences. There are tons of concerts, both live and archived, available to watch online. And right now, many are available free of charge.

Our local Chicago Symphony Orchestra is continuing multiple radio broadcasts. They also have a host of video content both on their website and on YouTube. Their current feature video is of a recent performance of the magnificent Verdi Requiem.

National organizations are in on the fun as well. You can find limited free screenings of Broadway shows through BroadwayHD as well as a host of full operas from the Metropolitan Opera.

Smaller acts and popular artists are regularly going live on Facebook or YouTube with scaled-down at-home concerts, too. If your child has a favorite local artist, be sure to check the artist’s social accounts to see if they’re going live.

Inspire with Great Performances of Your Child’s Music

Another great source of inspiration and enrichment is hearing music you know and love performed well. If your child is at a level where he or she is dipping into the classical repertoire, you can find high-level performances of just about any well-known piece on YouTube.

If your child is still working through method books, you might be surprised to know that video performances of many of those pieces are also available via YouTube—sometimes by the composers and arrangers themselves. Simply search for the title and composer and see what you find.

And if you’re brand-new to all of this, that’s OK. If your child has expressed interest in a particular instrument, find pro-level performances on YouTube. Enlist the help of a friend who plays the instrument if needed.

Read a Biography of a Famous Composer or Musician

There are some great biographies of famous historical composers, including some written for juvenile and young adult audiences. Consider assigning a “composer report” to your music students. Assign them an age-appropriate biography. Then, when they finish reading, they can present a composer report to their siblings.

Print Some Music Theory Worksheets

Your child may be learning some music theory as a part of their music instruction here, especially if your child is studying piano. But a little extra practice certainly won’t hurt! There are several websites we like that offer free music theory tutorials and worksheets. We like the progressive difficulty at Opus Music Worksheets: it’s almost like a theory curriculum. If you have older children or you’re an adult learner, the free course at G Major Music Theory could be a great fit.

Consult with Your Child’s Teacher for More Inspiration

The tips included here are solid general tips that can help any parent keep their child musically engaged. Your child’s teacher is another excellent resource. All our teachers here at Schaumburg Music Academy can provide specific resource recommendations tailored to the level, personality and musical interests of your child. So be sure to check in with your child’s instructor for more tips.

Schaumburg Music Academy is here to help however we can during this challenging time. Feel free to reach out with other questions you may have. If you’re interested in starting online music lessons for the first time, give us a call today!

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