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The Schaumburg Music Academy has been the go-to music center for many in the Schaumburg, IL area. Not only do we provide quality music lessons for people of all ages, but we are also a retail center that has many of your music essentials. We offer a wide variety of musical instruments from guitars to saxophones, as well as lesson books and songbooks. Looking for a specific song? No problem! We can print it right off for you with our Hal Leonard service. Looking for a book but we don’t have it in stock? We’ll order it for you! Overall we provide a wide variety of services that include:

  • Instrument and vocal lessons
  • Musical Instruments
  • Instructional books and sheet music
  • Supplies and accessories
  • Instrument Rentals
  • Instrument Repairs

You should choose Schaumburg Music Academy as your primary music provider because we have been serving the Schaumburg community for over 40 years! We have only quality instructors who have either University training or have professional performance experience!

Some of our music instructors have been teaching at the Schaumburg Music Academy for several years and have left many smiles on students’ faces! We sell a wide variety of music accessories from guitar strings, violin strings, reeds, straps, and so much more! Looking for some small trinkets for goodie bags?

We have those too! Our technician who fixes our instruments has been in the business for over a decade! We are well priced and if you choose to not continue after a price quote, there will be no charge! Need a guitar string changed? A violin string changed? A tuning? Look no further! We offer all for a nominal fee!

  • Weekly 30 Minute Lessons – $145/month
  • Weekly 45 Minute Lessons – $285/month
  • Single Lessons – $37 each

Lessons are purchased on a monthly basis and all lesson payments are due in full on the first lesson of the month. Lesson fees are based on the number of calendar weeks in a month and vary between four and five lessons per month.

Please note: The lesson payment reserves an ongoing spot on your teacher’s schedule and students are expected to attend all scheduled lessons in a given month. For this reason, lesson fees are not refunded or credited in the case of student absence.

If a lesson must be missed, it is the responsibility of the student (or the student’s parents/guardian) to contact Schaumburg Music by the close of business on the previous day to cancel and schedule a makeup lesson.

If a student does not show up to the lesson or call by closing time of the previous day, they will be charged for the lesson and lose the eligibility for a makeup lesson.

If the instructor must cancel a lesson, the student will be offered the choice of a credit or a makeup lesson.

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