Jazz Lessons in Schaumburg, IL

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Our Approach to Jazz Lessons

Jazz is known as America’s classical music, and it’s our privilege to teach aspiring musicians like you to play this unique style. We implement a flexible teaching approach that prioritizes your individual needs. Whether you plan to pursue a professional music career, audition to join a school ensemble, or simply play for your personal pleasure, we teach you the fundamental tools and techniques you need to master jazz and achieve your goals.

That’s where we come in. We give each of our jazz students a solid foundation in music theory, playing techniques and jazz appreciation. When you know and understand chords, scales, pitch collections, rhythm, harmonies, progressions, and your instrument, you’re better prepared to play swing, use bent and blue notes, and participate in call and response patterns. You can use your intermediate and advanced skills to master America’s classical music.

musician playing the saxophone

Our Jazz Teachers:

Our experienced jazz teachers know the ins and outs of jazz music. With credentials from renowned universities, they also perform regularly with various professional and casual groups across the nation and in the local community. Like you, our teachers are musicians who continue to learn and hone their craft.

Each of our teachers uses their extensive knowledge and experience to prepare customized lessons based on your skill, interests, and goals. We can match you with the teacher that best fits your needs. Your teacher will then nurture, challenge, and motivate you to develop skills and enjoy playing jazz.

How it works

Together we explore student musical goals.

We match students with one of our expert instructors.

Start attending lessons! Parents can receive progress reports each week.

“My daughter started voice lessons with Gary at the Schaumburg location about a month ago. As a concerned parent I was interested in what she thought of him as her instructor. She likes him!”

— Mark Bock

“My son just started coming here for trumpet lessons with Sam. They are very friendly and encouraging and able to accomodate our schedule. My son is really enjoying his lessons here.”

— Kelly L.

“I don’t think it gets any better than Schaumburg Music Academy. The excellent piano lessons by a well qualified instructor and a schedule that fits my needs brought me in. However it is the welcoming atmosphere, knowledgeable staff, and friendly conversation that keep me here.”

— Katie A.

We Offer Simple Pricing to Fit
Your Schedule & Budget


30 Min Lesson



30 minute lessons are great for learning the basics and building a strong foundation.



60 Min Lesson



Longer lessons, perfect for motivated, intermediate or advanced musicians.





Per lesson

Explore new instruments or prepare for performances.




What is the minimum age to start jazz lessons at Schaumburg Music Academy?

There is no official minimum age to start jazz lessons at Schaumburg. However, we typically recommend jazz lessons to intermediate or advanced students. You’re more likely to learn this complicated style when you know music theory, scales, chords, and rhythms and are able to play your preferred instrument with skill and confidence.

Do I need any prior experience?

Jazz is a fun but complicated style of music to play. That’s why we recommend jazz lessons to students with an intermediate or advanced knowledge of music theory and playing ability.

What styles of jazz can I learn?

Jazz styles vary across the globe and range from traditional to modern. You can learn the jazz style of your choice as you prepare to play for your pleasure, in an ensemble, or professionally. Some styles of jazz that you can learn to play include swing, big band, bebop, gypsy, hard bop, cool, soul, modal, bossa nova, Latin, free, avante-garde, fusion, and modern contemporary.

What materials will I need?

Our teachers offer customized jazz lessons to each student. Before or during your first lesson, you’ll discuss your unique needs, interests, and goals with your teacher. Your teacher will then provide you with a list of books to purchase. The books you need will change as your skills, interests, and goals develop.

Is jazz the right fit for me?

If you enjoy a wide array of music that allows you to express your emotions and creativity, jazz could be a good fit for you. This musical style can make you laugh, cry, and experience all the emotions in between. Jazz also requires you to play the standards and know how to improvise. Have fun playing music and expand your repertoire with jazz lessons.

Ready to Begin Jazz Lessons in Schaumburg, IL?

Contact us to learn more about jazz lessons in Schaumburg. We look forward to helping you grow and mature as a musician while you learn to play jazz.