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Our Mission

Rick's Music World provides positive, memorable opportunities for students of all skill levels to explore their interest in music through a rewarding progression of discovery.

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Our Teachers

Our music instructors are skilled artists themselves and experienced teachers. They are committed to your success and growth. Teaching is a conduit for our amazing staff to pass on their passion for music and the arts.

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Music Lessons

Rick's Music World provides lessons to children and adults of all ages. Private instruction is available. Music enriches our lives. Enrich your life: listen, learn, and perform. Your interest is the key. You must take the first step. Let our teachers be your guide.

Music Lessons

Music School in Raynham, MA

Lessons We Offer

Quality music lessons for people of all ages

  • Piano


    The piano is both approachable for young beginners and richly complex for advanced players, and is perfect for learning to read music and building a strong musical foundation.

  • Guitar & Ukulele

    Guitar & Ukulele

    One of the foundational instruments of contemporary music, our guitar instructors teach across genres and will equip you to play for yourself or as part of a group.

  • Voice


    The vocal instrument is a complex living system and healthy technique is the key to lifelong enjoyment. Study musical theater, pop music, opera, or anything that interests you.

  • Woodwinds


    Develop a beautiful sound on the saxophone, clarinet, oboe or flute. Study the musical style of your choosing with our highly qualified woodwind instructors.

  • Drums & Percussion

    Drums & Percussion

    The drum kit is an energetic instrument that cultivates precise rhythm and strong music fundamentals. Learn to create fun and complex beats while developing healthy technique.

  • Bass


    The low pitch of the bass guitar holds down the groove in almost all styles of music. Learn to play different styles and techniques.

Music Lessons for All Ages & Skill Levels in Raynham, MA!

Here at Rick's Music World, your music teacher will become your mentor and partner in your musical journey. From week to week, he or she will customize your music lessons, taking into consideration your skill level, your musical goals and your personal learning style. You’ll get encouragement and be challenged to grow and enjoy playing. Come in today for a tour of our Learning Center!

Rick's Music World offers the largest and most qualified teaching faculty in the greater Taunton / Raynham area.

About Rick’s Music World

Rick’s Music World is the largest family-friendly music school in southeastern Massachusetts, giving more than 17,000 lessons a year. We have been satisfying our customers since 1982, over 35 years! Consider the benefits of becoming a Rick’s student and find out why we are Raynham’s number one choice for music lessons.

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Award-Winning Music Store & Lessons

Right in your backyard is one of the most unique and exciting music stores in the country. More than just your average music instrument store, Rick’s is a place that celebrates music as a lifestyle. We offer your family a casual and creative atmosphere for lessons, music purchases, entertainment, and learning.

On the retail side of things, we offer a unique shopping experience unlike that of any other guitar store in the Raynham, MA area. We offer a huge selection of acoustic guitars, electronic pianos, ukuleles, electric guitars, bass guitars, amplifiers, drums & cymbals, electric drums, percussion/hardware, recording equipment, and much, much more!

We’re also the largest family-friendly music school in southeastern Massachusetts, giving more than 17,000 lessons a year for piano, guitar, flute, violin, and many other instruments. We have been satisfying our customers and enriching our students’ lives for over 35 years!

Please consider the benefits of becoming a Rick’s student and find out why we are the area’s number one choice for music lessons.

  • A beautiful café with fully-equipped stage, serving as the heartbeat of our business. It’s a casual meeting place for musicians, music lovers and students alike.
  • A dedicated, super-friendly lesson support staff.
  • The Musical Ladder System® to reward our students for achievement.
  • A weekly open mic for performance opportunity and to connect with other members of our very supportive musical community.
  • A huge selection of musical gear, teacher-approved for every budget.
  • Expertise gathered from more than 35 years in business.

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We Rock All Around You!

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Praise for Rick’s Music World

  • “I just have to say that we absolutely love your store/cafe/school. Leah especially. She’d go there everyday if she could! But for now, 3 days a week should do :). We are so happy to have found you. Such a family atmosphere and you can feel how much you care about the students and performers. It means a lot.”

    Dionne Parrett

  • “Nesto was very patient and honest with his recommendations to make my guitar easier to play. The changes have made a world of difference in the speed of my chord changes and my ability to play without pain. As an older “absolute” beginner guitar player, I found all the staff to be kind and encouraging. I look forward to checking out the Thursday night open mike.”

    Jennifer Coffey

  • “Rick, you have a fabulous music store and the staff is very kind and helpful. I purchased a guitar from you a couple of days ago, it is awesome. I want to thank you people for all the help. You have a first class place.”

    Edward Tillgren

  • “I can’t thank you guys enough for encouraging Mia and creating an environment that instills a sense of community for everyone associated with your store and for the love of music. Rick, Robin, Chris and all your instructors are 10-star people in a 5-star world. Really.”

    Kenn Boostrom

  • “Had a great experience on our first visit to Rick’s Music World. My daughter, Ali and I, were greeted with a smile and exceptional customer service from Rick & Chris. We weren’t pressured at all, we were allowed to sit and play several different guitar models. We left with Ali’s new Washburn D25! It’s a beautiful guitar for a great price, and she absolutely loves it. We drove close to an hour to get to the store to check out the selection of Washburn’s (my personal favorite). It was nice to be greeted with a smile and to be treated as though we were important to them. It was well worth the drive. Thanks again to Rick and Chris! We will definitely be back.”

    Karolee Bearce Kenney

  • “You’ve created a very special place where magic can and does happen”

    Cathy, Metta Four Records

  • “My son, Danny, has been taking guitar lessons with Mark Carvalho for nine years. Dan is a huge Beatles fan and has been since he was little. He has learned so much from Mark in terms of his development as a musician. Because of Mark’s guidance, encouragement and support, his skills and confidence have grown so much! Rick, Robin, Mark and the other staff have been wonderful to him. We have all become good friends. It is like his second home! Danny has participated in Open Mikes, Jam Camps and other fun things. I could go on and on! I am so grateful for Rick’s.”

    Susan Griffin

  • “Hats off to the great people at Rick’s Music”

    Ernie LeBlanc

  • “Thank you for give me the opportunity to let guitar be a part of my life! I appreciate it! Thank you!


  • “Ricks is the most unique place for music hands down. Where else can you learn to play, buy name brand instruments and accessories at the best prices and hear live local music? And also service with a smile :)”

    Randy Shamber

  • On the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of Rick’s Music World…

    “Congratulations Rick & Robin…I think I can speak for everyone when I say we are looking forward to the next 25!!! Thank you, for not only what you have done for us at The Union Coffeehouse but for all of those involved in Music in the area…You are both a Great Gift to us all. Peace & God Bless”

    Jeff Godfrey

  • “When you’re there, you feel like family! Love that place!”

    Kyle Platt

  • “Rick, thank you sooo much! I’ve been dreaming of a guitar for soo long. It’s the perfect size and I think it’s gorgeous. You’ve made this the best Christmas ever for me! Thank you!”

    Angela Anderson

  • “I would not be in 3 bands, have as much of a strive to become a famous rock musician as i already do, i would still have stage fright, i wouldn’t have a place to get my strings replaced, and i wouldn’t have met all my musically inclined friends without Rick’s Music World and my all time favorite teachers Mark C. and John B., Rick’s is my third home!”

    Ben Sangiolo

  • “In February 2007, I walked into the doors of Rick’s Music World. I had probably started singing 2 years prior but I had never sang in front of a crowd. That day, I realized what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Thank you Rick and Robin for opening your doors to me, allowing me to sing and giving me the opportunity to create a dream that I have now pursued. You give anyone with the dream to be a musician hope that someday they too can share the music they have written to the world. You two are the nicest people I have ever met and thanks to your Thursday night open mics not only have I created connections that have gotten me closer to my dreams, but I have also built an incredible bond with the other performers and supporters, my Thursday night family. ”

    Mia Boostrom

  • “We just wanted to thank you for everything you have done for us over the past few months. Rick’s Music World is the best!”

    Moment of Clarity

  • “Thank you for hosting me at Rick’s Music World last night. I love what you are doing to pump energy and life into what has become a terrific musical community. Looking forward to returning many more times in the future.”

    Tom Smith

  • “The congregation loved the sound system. Two people used the individual receivers and loved them but others felt they didn’t need them with the improved system. Everyone had high praise for the improvement. Many thanks for a great job.”

    Dennis & Elayne Ingalls

  • “We want to let Grace and everyone at Rick’s Music World know how grateful we are for Grace’s gift to our daughter. At the recital several weeks ago, our daughter’s voice, which has been recovering only slowly since her hospitalization two years ago, seemed to come back to life in a way we hadn’t heard. The return of strength and confidence in her voice at the recital took our breath away. When we sit down to the table at Thanksgiving, you can be sure that we will be giving thanks for Rick’s Music and most especially for Grace.”

    Brenda S.

  • “I love my teacher mark and the music on Thursdays i have actually been on that stage 2 times so far and going to be on there soon love this place its like my 2nd family.”

    Angelina Pezanetti

  • About the Sound System Installation at Fort Taber Museum:

    “Bob, I know you will appreciate this comment from the Mayor following our ribbon-cutting on Monday. He stated, “This is the best sound system in all of New Bedford. We should have all our events here.”

    Joe Langlois

  • “On behalf of Robby, his mom, Cathy and me, thank you again for the time, effort, creativity and commitment that went into the Summer Jam Camp project. Louis and John could not have been more positive, patient and committed forces as mentors for Robby and the other young musicians who over the course of eight weeks, really grew and came together as a band and a team. …As a parent, I am very grateful for all the positive energy which flows regularly from Rick’s Music and the great staff there. Summer Jam Camp is yet another example of all that positive energy. It was certainly a great growth experience for Robby and one of the very best parts of his summer. ”

    Bob Catalano

  • “Great fun place to be wonderful people, helpful and caring.”

    Rene Marion

  • “Ever since I was little, listening to The Beatles, I knew I wanted to play the guitar. I always had a very musical home when I was growing up so I know countless amounts of songs. I walked into Rick’s in January of 2002 diligent and ready to learn guitar. My teacher, Mark Carvarlho, is one of my few musical mentors. He has given me so much confidence as a player and a musician. For about 6 months in 2008, I also took piano lessons with Grace Morrison, so i can play more than one instrument. I have done the Summer Jam Camp’s with Mark, Louis Lo Cierco and Jon Francis for three summers in a row! They have all been great experiences. I have gotten to be friendly with a lot of the staff, such as Rick and Robin Santos, Matt Borrello (another awesome guitar teacher), and countless others! I plan on going to Rick’s Music World until I graduate from high school in about 3 years. I fully support Rick’s!”

    Dan Griffin

  • Just a note to relate my enjoyment as a first-time visitor to your facility. Playing with the ZUKES. Boy what a gem of a facility that you have. Never knew that the operation existed. I’ll be back again, at least as an observer and maybe as a performer. Thanks for having my group perform and thanks to our leader Nic for showing us the way !! WELL DONE. Please continue your great community programs!

    Anthony J. Ferreira

  • “Thank You ! I really appreciate your help in this matter. I do recommend Rick’s to my friends because: The people are friendly and knowledgeable, the selection is good, and the store has a nice atmosphere. Now I can recommend Rick’s for great service after the sale. Thanks again!”

    Leo Sullivan

  • “Why I shop at Ricks, I am a HUGE fan of Local Small businesses in a big way!!! Going to Rick’s Music World for me is multifaceted. Whenever I look for or need something to do with my open mike or my own personal seeking of new instruments and accessory needs, I do NOT go to Google regarding where to get the best deal on ANYTHING! I GO TO RICK’S. One thing I have totally found out is that Rick Santos is my TRUE, Musicians Friend and he is the Daddy (s) of so many kids of all ages even me. Rick’s is my Guitar Center and for so many other instruments & accessories with a heart which is so lacking in the with the HUGE Conglomerates (many already have failed ex.Daddy’s, Mars & more to come), as well as the online places that attract so many but offer so little with regard to the local personal touch that Rick’s is ALL about!! … Please take a look at what you want, talk with Rick or any of the great staff about anything and if they do not happen to have the particular product, they will do their best to get it, let you know an opinion, if you wish one and be there tomorrow to help you learn how to play whatever you just bought. When thinking about shopping for instruments, new, used, consignment, when you are thinking sound and lighting of course lessons on so many and varied instruments & many things I know I am missing, Think of Rick’s Music World. …Rick & Robin Santos & all staff will make you feel at home on the busiest of days, you will always be a person as opposed to an account number, and most often the 2nd time you step through the doorway at Rick’s you very well may be greeted by your name with a great welcome back! ..May I also tell those few of you that may not know, On Thursday Night’s Rick host’s the most popular and wonderful Open Mikes in the entire greater Raynham/Taunton area. There is also a most incredible song circle lead by a dear friend of Rick’s, Tom Irving. Shop till you drop and let us ALL support this vibrant local favorite Community Leader in the field of EVERYTHING MUSIC, STAGE, LIGHTING, AND LESSONS!!!… See you all at Rick’s when shopping and a most wonderful Holiday Season to one and all. Please remember, Holiday specials at Ricks are year-round events unlike some of those “others” out there that are seasonal and are by far not a 30 YEAR LOCAL small business!!! Happy 30th Anniversary Ricks Music World!!!”

    Neal Braverman

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