Student Benefits

Discounts & Freebies

  • Extra 10% off accessories
  • Extra 5% off Sheet Music & Books
  • Extra 5% off instruments priced over $100
  • FREE Recitals
  • TEACHERZONE—Free Lesson Enhancement Program!

Performance Opportunities

As a member of of Musical Community, you’ll meet other musicians and music lovers during your weekly visits and especially during special events. Maybe you’ll find someone to play with!

Recitals – Ask your teacher when his/her next student recital will be! All recitals are free

Jam Camp Concert – Take our Jam Camp Class (Rock Band) and get to perform in a band!


Registration Fee $25.

Family Discount Registration Fee Waived for household members of active students.

Flat Rate Billing:

  • $144 per one month of 30 minute lessons
  • $288 per one month of 60 minute lessons

Payment: Automatic withdrawal from your checking or automated debit/credit.

Due Date: Tuition is due at the beginning of each month.

Billing: Log into to view your Payment Report which shows payment status and due date.

Default: A late fee of $10 is assessed if tuition is not current within 10 days of your due date. Your account will be in default if unpaid 15 days after due date or if your check bounces. Upon default, lessons will be suspended. Student risks losing their timeslot if the account is not current within 48 hrs. Interest of 1.5% per month will accrue on unpaid balances.

Overdraft Fee: $30

Withdrawal : 2-week notice required Stop by the Lesson Desk to complete a withdrawal form 2 weeks before your last desired lesson.

Lesson Format

Generally lessons are held in person at the store, but Virtual or Digital lessons are available when a teacher or student isn’t available to attend in person:

  • A ‘virtual’ lesson is a live session with your teacher using Zoom or GoogleMeet
  • A digital lesson may be a pre-recorded video or link(s) to written content from your teacher


As a student at Rick’s Music World, you benefit from the award-winning quality of our Teaching and Administration staff and the generous features of our programs. There are no hidden costs at Rick’s. Your tuition covers your lessons, your FREE Musical Ladder System achievement awards, your access to TeacherZone and several free student events through- out the year. Tuition is non-refundable. Please familiarize yourself with our policies so you fully understand how your tuition will be applied. It will help you make the most of your investment in your music education!

CUSTOMER SERVICE: (508) 977-0200 or

Our friendly staff at the Lesson Desk is responsible for all scheduling, enrollment and billing. They are happy to answer your questions about our programs and policies and scheduling:

  • Schedule changes, including cancellations or rescheduling – call the Lesson Desk
  • Billing or Program Questions: Call, visit, or email the Lesson Desk
  • Enrollment changes (Class add-ons, upgrades or withdrawals)

Withdrawals: Visit the Lesson desk to sign a Withdrawal Form and reconcile your account at least 14 days before your last desired lesson.


Rescheduling – Limit – 1 per month. You may reschedule 1 lesson per month with a minimum 24-hour notice. We will bank your cancelled lesson. Call the Lesson Desk within 60 days to schedule your make up lesson, subject to teacher availability. Over limit cancelled lessons are chargeable and will be marked as a no show. A digital less may be provided if adequate advance notice was given.

Banked Lesson: When a lesson needs to be rescheduled, we will “bank” the original lesson. This is a ‘chargeable’ lesson – the makeup lesson will be free. You have 60 days from the scheduled lesson date to make up the banked lesson. When you schedule the make-up lesson, we will ‘restore’ the banked lesson to a temporary time slot. It is your responsibility to call and reschedule banked lessons.

Same-day reschedule/cancellation – If you cannot make your lesson at the usual time, we’ll see if your teacher has another lesson time available that day that works for you. If you must cancel entirely, a same-day cancellation is a chargeable lesson and will be marked as “No Show.”

No show – A “no show” is a chargeable lesson that you did not physically attend. If you do not attend a make-up lesson, it cannot be rescheduled.


If your teacher is unavailable to teach your lesson, another of our teachers will substitute. If a substitute teacher is not available, tuition will not be charged. If you decline a substitute, your lesson will be banked.


The store is closed on New Year’s, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christ- mas. No lessons are scheduled on these days. On Snow Days, your lesson will be taught virtually on Zoom/Google Meet. If we are unable to provide a virtual lesson due to power outages, we will cancel your lesson (no charge) or you may elect to bank your lesson. Emergency Store closings are announced on our Facebook page. Please follow us!

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