Begin Your Journey as a Musician


My Musical Journey In my short time as a musician, I have been able to meet some of the most incredible and inspiring individuals, which would have never been possible if it were not for music! I’m a classically trained cellist, but also have origins in rock/punk drumming.  With these two different avenues of music, I literally […]

Tips to Overcome Stage Fright Stage fright affects almost all musicians in one way or another. When I was a child, I could have played in front of anyone without batting an eyelash! (Music lessons can also build confidence in kids and adults.) But as I got older and self-critical, stage fright and all kinds […]

The Importance Of Live Music Performance For the professional and student alike, performing is an integral part of being a musician. Learning to focus all the things we work on in the practice room into a cohesive performance can be overwhelming. Sometimes every detail has been rehearsed and planned and yet when it comes time […]

   SING THAT SONG Consistent practice time, a good practice environment plus focus on what to practice are crucial to learning and playing a musical instrument. Listening to a variety of music is also a very important part of learning. The best musicians in the world are always listening and learning! Even if it’s a couple […]

How to Maximize Your Practice Time Nearly everyone has heard the expression that “practice makes perfect”. This is especially true when it comes to developing our skills as musicians as we reach for that next level and ultimate mastery of our instruments. Remember, music should be fun and can be extremely rewarding, delivering a great […]

Music, and the people I have met through music, have brought an immense amount of joy into my life.  Rick’s Music World has certainly served as the hub of this joy. I got my first real guitar there when I was 14 years old and started taking lessons immediately.  In just over a year I […]