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Thursday Night Is Open Mic Night
At Rick’s Music World

Student rehearsing to play the trumpet in the trumpet lessons Raynham MA

About Our Open Mic Night

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What is Open Mic Night?

Every Thursday night, the lights go down and the stage lights come up as we host our famous Rick’s Open Mic Night in our Café. We consider this our most important community service effort, providing a casual, family-friendly performance venue for all the members of our musical community of students, customers and visiting performers.

You won’t find an audience more supportive and encouraging—they are the special ingredient that makes for the magical VIBE here on Open Mic Night. Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Is It open to the public?

Absolutely! All ages are welcome to sign up to perform or just to come and enjoy the show.

What time does it start?

The show starts at 7 pm. Performer sign up is from 6:15 to 6:45 pm. Please note: Performers signing up after 6:45 pm are added to the end of the list as long as time allows. Please call us in advance to confirm timings.

What is cost to attend?

Admission is $3 per person, children 5 and under are free. Funds are used to maintain the quality of sound and recording equipment and to support the Rick’s Music Scholarship program. Please thank our volunteers and staff who donate their time for this program!

What is available in the Café?

Come hungry! Our Café offers delicious homemade desserts, cookies, brownies, snacks, candy and gourmet coffee, tea, Arizona & Snapple, water and soda. Soup is available seasonally.

Where can I find info on upcoming featured performers?

Give us a call or contact us.

Who can perform?

Musicians, Vocalists and Bands from beginners to professional.  Every week, we get an interesting range of style and age, skill level and even languages.  Monthly we feature a talented act we think you’ll really enjoy, which may be a local, regional, national, or international act.

What equipment do you provide performers?

People tell us that our Café is a great listening room. The superb sound quality is powered by the dual Bose L1 sound systems.  On stage, there is a professional keyboard, an acoustic guitar, four mics,  direct inputs for up to 3 guitars/basses (or other electronic instruments), and a Roland electronic drumset, The direct box normally used for the keyboard can be used instead for a 4th guitar.  We can accommodate performers who use backing tracks via either CD or MP3 input.

Are there any restrictions for performers?

Performers may do originals or covers.  We welcome a variety of genre and styles from Rock, R&B, Classical, Alternative, Pop, Folk, Country, Jazz, African, Gospel, Bluegrass, Reggae and Classic Metal.  Please edit inappropriate language for our all-ages audience.

How long do I have on stage?

Performers are typically allowed up to 2 songs for a maximum time on stage of 10 minutes, talking included.  Occasionally, on extremely busy nights we may have to limit stage time to one song so that everyone gets their chance to perform.

Where can I tune up?

We have a green room for performers who want to tune up or warm up before they go onstage.  Green room time limit is 10 minutes or less, so you will want to make sure the songs you have choosen are ones you have already learned.