My Musical Journey


My Musical Journey

Music Teacher Ian Legge
by Teacher, Ian Legge

In my short time as a musician, I have been able to meet some of the most incredible and inspiring individuals, which would have never been possible if it were not for music!

I’m a classically trained cellist, but also have origins in rock/punk drumming.  With these two different avenues of music, I literally doubled my opportunities for growth, collaboration, travel, and fun!

During my time playing cello at the Dartmouth High School Orchestra, Rhode Island Youth

HALF HEARTED HERO Meyer Brown, Anthony Savino, Clinton Lisboa, Ian Legge

Symphony Orchestra (RIPYO), Rhode Island Youth Chamber Players and Berklee College of Music, I traveled a lot. There were many trips within the U.S. 

But my favorite trips were to Montreal & Quebec, Canada and to Ireland, where we performed and got to hang out with some really cool students our own age!

My four friends and I formed a band back in high school, and this year will mark a decade together! . Meyer Brown, another teacher here at Rick’s, is the bass player.  As a touring act, we have traveled to most of the East Coast and Midwest United States. We’ve also been lucky enough to play in Canada, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Germany, Holland, and most recently, Japan!

Being able to experience first-hand how music draws in listeners

from any part of the globe, I’ve realized that it doesn’t matter where you’re from.  Music is truly universal and can be enjoyed by any
individual.  The questions is…

Where will music take you?”

About Ian Legge

A Professional Music Graduate of Berklee College of Music, Ian has clocked over 5,000 hours of cello playing in various ensembles, instrumental labs, film scoring sessions, performances, recording, etc.  He began playing cello in fourth grade and has served as a drummer in an internationally touring band for the past 11 years.  Ian teaches all levels of Cello and Drums plus beginner Piano.

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