About Rick's Music World

A Letter From the Founder

Rick Santos

I have always been into music. It all started the day I saw The Beatles on Ed Sullivan. Like so many others who were inspired by that incredible night, it set the path of music in my life. At 12 years old I was already in a wedding band called The Noblemen, a band which went on to be successful for 22 years!

the Beatles photos on wall

The Beatles

12 years old in band

12 years old with The Noblemen

The Noblemen in the early 70s

The Noblemen early 70’s

rick santos and family

Rick Santos & Family

In November of 1982, my wife Robin and I took a leap of faith, leaving two corporate jobs to start Rick’s Music World. What were we thinking? We were 28 years old, with our first 6 month old baby in tow and a new house. Robin was doing very well working in insurance and I was in banking, but when a little music store in Seekonk became available, we decided to take the plunge.

At the time we purchased the store we thought we could do it for a few reasons: our background in business, music, sales, and marketing were all relevant. Plus, we thought “hey we’re nice people, customers will want to buy things from us because of that.” It seems funny now, and we certainly didn’t realize at the time, that owning a Music store would be so involved! Can we say it was hard? Sure it was. Were there ups and downs? Yes. Do we wish we had decided differently? Never.

Early staff at Rick's Music World

Early Staff at Rick’s Music World

Raynham Storefront Early Days

Storefront Circa 1993

Our first store was in Seekonk MA. Just 10 years later we opened up a second store in Swansea MA. Then in 2001, we designed our dream music store in Raynham, MA. Our Raynham store was the culmination of what we thought a music store should be, a concept that had never been thought of before or at least never executed. Up to that point music stores were typically intimidating places full of black and grey. On top of that, they catered predominantly to male musicians, leaving out everyone else. Most of all, they were not structured to encourage bringing music to the general population.

Our goal was to bring music to the masses! Our store was designed to have a large beautiful wing for music education, a Café, and a full working stage for weekly performances; all of that surrounded by a beautiful retail component. The idea was to have a welcoming and inclusive environment for people of all ages and genders, especially families. This store concept worked so well that we decided to eliminate the other two stores and focus all of our energy on it. The rewards of this vision have been amazing and have given us a wealth of friendships within our vibrant musical community.

full store at Rick's

Early Staff at Rick’s Music World

Management staff at Rick's

Pictured left to right: Bob, Robin, Rick, Chris

We have always had the basic philosophy: If you treat people the way you want to be treated, then it will all work out. We have carried that philosophy throughout our years in business. Our weekly Open Mic Night, our over 500 weekly students, the parents, our incredible employees (especially our General Manager Bob Ball who has been with us almost from the start), and tremendous loyal customers, have allowed us to really enjoy this part of our journey.