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Our Approach to Brass Lessons

Brill’s brass lessons are centered around three key elements: having fun while learning a new instrument, developing a strong foundation that sets students up for long term success, and completely personalized music instruction that helps students achieve their unique goals.

Learning to play a brass instrument is a challenging yet rewarding endeavor. At our Las Vegas music school, we’re passionate about helping students find their sound through instruments. Our instructors are skilled at playing and teaching a great number of different brass instruments, allowing students to explore what interests them most. Through brass lessons, including the trumpet, french horn, and trombone, you can find passion in music and develop a craft that will last a lifetime.

Brass Lessons Should Be Fun!

The sound of a brass instrument is so unique in the music world. It’s a fascinating instrument to learn to play and we believe that your lessons should align with that same idea. We strive to ensure that our students are engaged with and excited about their music lessons with the instructors at Brill Music Academy.

One way that we ensure a fun experience is facilitating lessons across musical styles and tastes. Whether you’re interested in learning a traditional adoption of a brass instrument or exploring a musical style that is more unique to you, we have a teacher at our school who can perfectly support those goals.

We Emphasize Healthy Technique

Acquiring a skill like playing an instrument requires detail-oriented instruction that supports the foundation of your musical abilities. By adopting the proper technique for positioning, posture, mouth and lung engagement, and more, early on, you’ll be able to easily master more complicated and difficult techniques that will help you push your musical skill to the next level.

In addition to technique and application, our brass teachers are committed to providing a well-rounded and balanced music education, so they incorporate elements of music theory and music history into their lesson planning so that you have all the knowledge you need to become a successful musician.

We Care About Your Musical Interests

Music lessons can only be fun if you’re learning about something that interests you. At Brill Music Academy, that’s our first priority: to understand what you want to learn and to accommodate those interests with personally tailored music instruction.

We operate on a student-driven model, allowing you to choose what your musical journey looks like. You’ll find unwavering support from our experienced teachers, guiding you every step of the way as you determine what kind of musician you’ll grow into.

Our Brass Teachers:

The learning environment we facilitate is what makes Brill Music Academy different from other music schools in the Las Vegas area. We are dedicated to creating a space where you can learn and grow through fun-filled music lessons that are personalized to your interests and skills. Moreover, we prioritize the foundation of your music education, which allows students to take their musical journey in any direction they may choose. Whether you want to continue your music education as a student at a prestigious university or you hope to forge a professional career as a performer, our skilled brass teachers in Las Vegas can guide you along.

With unique backgrounds as brass instrument players and teachers, the team at Brill Music Academy can help you master a wide variety of music styles. From salsa to jazz, there’s no limit to what you can learn through music lessons.




Great for learning the basics and building strong foundations.




Great for longer sessions, great for motivated musicians.

What you can expect

1. Tell us about your musical goals.

2. Match with one of our expert instructors.

3. Play music! Parents get progress reports.

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Bryan K. | Parent

“I love the personal treatment we receive here. I have never felt like my son is treated as just another student. Fred and the instructors we have worked with are all very friendly and patient. We have been to a couple other music schools and this one is the best!”

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