Brill Music Academy’s Story

Group of teachers in Brill Music Academy’s

Brill Music Academy was started in 1998 and has since become the leader in music instruction in Las Vegas. Our students experience one-on-one lessons in a comfortable setting. Expect a family-friendly environment with a full-time staff to handle any questions, scheduling and account needs.

We provide free Wi-Fi, current magazines and water service while students and/or parents wait for lessons to begin or complete. All our lesson rooms have viewing windows and parents are invited to sit in on any of their child’s lessons.  We have certified repair technicians for any repair or refurbishment needs.

Providing private, one-on-one instruction on all major musical instruments, we have become one of the largest music schools in the state of Nevada.

Brill Music Academy is the largest music school in the northwest part of the Las Vegas Valley and second largest in the City of Las Vegas. We were named the 2016 State of Nevada winner in the Music Academy category by the Fans’ Choice Awards. With an active enrollment of over 300 students, we deserve to toot our own horn!