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Our teachers are experienced on acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass and ukuleles.

Our Approach to Guitar Lessons

The guitar is one of the most versatile instruments. It shows up in the classical concert hall, it’s a staple throughout commercial pop music, and it’s found in folk music all around the world. With such a diverse set of applications, it’s not surprising that approaches to teaching and learning guitar vary widely. Our approaches do, too, depending on the student’s goals. That said, here’s a basic outline of our approach.

Guitar Lessons Should Be Fun!

We all know the feeling: you hear your favorite song come on and you can’t resist the urge to play along on your air guitar! Here at Brill Music Academy, we can help you convert your musical fantasies into reality – while preserving that irresistible sense of joy you feel when playing along. We want each of our students to LOVE their musical experience with us!

Whether you come to us planning on becoming the next Jimi Hendrix or simply wanting to play songs around the campfire with your friends, our top-notch instructors will help you progress quickly toward your goals while ensuring you have fun along the way.

We Emphasize Healthy Technique

Regardless of your ultimate goals, our teachers will prioritize strong fundamentals including proper posture, hand positioning, chords, fretting, picking, and strumming. As students progress, these basics will become second nature – and serve as the foundation from which students can apply their skills across a variety of genres and styles.

We want our guitar students to be literate, well-rounded musicians. Beginners and seasoned performers alike will find value in our approach at Brill Music Academy, coupling technical instruction with elements of music theory and music history in each lesson.

We Care About Your Musical Interests & Goals

Your unique interests and background will help guide your experience at Brill Music Academy. We teach beginners, intermediate, and advanced students who are interested in a variety of styles – including rock, jazz, classical, pop, blues, and more. Whether you’re inspired by modern day singer-songwriters or the rockers of the 1970s, we can’t wait to get started with you!

Our seasoned instructors will draw upon years of playing, performing, and teaching experience to guide you in improving your skills and exploring the many possibilities of your instrument, and advancing toward your goals at a pace that works for you.

If you or your child is looking for guitar lessons or ukulele lessons in the Las Vegas area, Brill Music Academy is here to serve you. Our roster of teachers includes guitar players in a wide variety of genres. We have teachers experienced in classical guitar, folk guitar, jazz guitar, and all manner of pop styles. Some of our teachers are accomplished singer-songwriters and can offer instruction in singing while playing, too.

All music lessons at Brill Music Academy take a well-rounded approach. We don’t create instrumentalists; we create musicians. And we do this in a warm, inviting setting. Students and teachers alike have plenty of fun as students hone their skills.

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Our Teachers

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Our Guitar & Ukulele Teachers

Here at Brill Music Academy, our seasoned staff of guitar and ukulele instructors thrive on creating a fun, engaging, and well-rounded experience for each student. Whatever your preferred genre (or if you like a little of everything), we have a teacher that will work for you. Our qualified instructors often participate in public performance and possess significant academic credentials. Their experience enables them to customize their instruction for each student, covering areas including technique, fundamentals and expression.

Rob Kemerson

Rob Kemerson


A native of Port St. Lucie, Florida, Rob Kemerson discovered his passion for music at the age of 12 years old. By the age of 16, he began giving private lessons to

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Tom Brill

Tom Brill


Tom Brill is a guitar instructor in all styles at Brill Music Academy.  Tom also teaches other stringed, fretted instruments including banjo, ukulele, and bass guitar. Growing up outside Milwaukee in Oak

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What’s the Right Age to Start Guitar and Ukulele Lessons?

While guitar is in many ways a simpler instrument to learn than some others, playing the guitar requires pressing down on the strings fairly hard using only the tips of the fingers. Also, very small hands will have a difficult time forming even simple chords. For this reason, the youngest we start guitar instruction at Brill Music Academy is eight years old.

The ukulele is a similar instrument, but it has neither of these limitations and is certainly playable by most small children. If your child is interested in starting ukulele lessons younger than eight years old, let’s chat.

Of course, you don’t have to be a kid to start guitar lessons or ukulele lessons. The beauty of these instruments is their simplicity. We start teenage and adult students all the time on these instruments, and many of them develop a high level of proficiency.

In short, whatever your age (eight and up), we’re here for you.

What Sets Us Apart

Everyone knows someone who plays guitar or ukulele, it seems. We know there are plenty of places you could go to learn the basics of these instruments or even to take guitar lessons or ukulele lessons. Why us? Because we’re different.

First, we’re a real music school, and that gives us some real depth. Neither your child’s general music teacher nor that one friend that’s in a band can offer depth. They can teach your child something about how to play a guitar, but it will be limited. The general music teacher will almost certainly follow a generic methods book. Your child’s buddy will teach your kid three, maybe five chords, because that’s all he knows.

Taking lessons here is nothing like that. We offer real, deep instruction that’s tailored to each student’s abilities and goals. We have the depth to train each student in whichever genre or genres he or she wants to pursue.

Second, we’re open-minded enough to support students as they support their guitar goals. We don’t attempt to force all students into the same mold. We know some students are only looking to reach a decent amateur level of guitar-playing ability, while others want to perform at a very high level. Some want to pursue classical; others, jazz or metal.

Third, our location is inviting and convenient, and we strive to make music-making fun and enjoyable. If you’re worried that taking lessons means subjecting yourself to a grueling conservatory-like experience where fun is forbidden and only excellent technique matters, then you don’t know Brill Music Academy. We do both: we have fun and we teach great technique.

Still not convinced? Stop in sometime and see for yourself.

Ready to Start Guitar Lessons or Ukulele Lessons in Las Vegas?

Are you ready to start taking guitar lessons or ukulele lessons in or near Las Vegas, or is your child ready to do the same? If so, let’s talk. Don’t just get a few pointers from your buddy’s band. Come learn from one of our experienced pros and get meaningful guitar or ukulele instruction that’s tailored to your specific needs and goals. Contact Brill Music Academy today to find a teacher that suits your style.


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Our Reviews

  • I would like you to know that we are upset that we have to withdraw because we are moving out of state.  We love Brill Music!  We think this place is ran perfectly!!

    April K. | Parent
  • I love the personal treatment we receive here.  I have never felt like my son is treated as just another student.  Fred and the instructors we have worked with are all very friendly and  patient.  We have been to a couple other music schools and this one is the best!

    Bryan K. | Parent
  • My daughter tried cello lessons here. I was very happy.  They answer the phone and they are polite and easy to deal with.  My daughter is different, so finding the right teacher for her has been challenging.

    Terry T. | Parent
  • Front desk staff is wonderful!!!  Teachers are awesome!!  One of my children’s favorite extracurricular activities.  Thank you!!!

    Kathleen V. | Parent
  • Great place! Our 12 year old looks forward to his lesson every week. As a parent, I especially appreciate the terrific organization and communication. Such is rare and invaluable with kids’ extracurricular activities and particularly music instructors or centers. Whether it’s scheduling, lesson feedback, payments or recitals, everything is concise, simple and accurate. Further, it’s very reasonable and convenient with plenty of parking! It’s also next to Domino’s Pizza!

    George A. | Parent
  • My 11 year old son wanted to play saxophone in the band in middle school and started taking lessons at Brill last summer.  He absolutely loves his instructor and is excelling in band.  He is excited about mastering the instrument and continues to take lessons.

    Silvie W-E.
  • I would like to tell you how impressed I am w/Brill.  It’s run very professionally and the teachers are great.  I have learned so much studying w/Mark.  He sure knows his music and he is very professional.  So, all in all, Brill should get an A+.  I recommend it highly.  Thanks again.

    Ursula B. | Student
  • We are so pleased with the progress our daughter has made since joining the Brill Music Academy earlier this year.  Our daughter looks forward to her lesson each week and has formed a strong bond with her teacher, Ms Debbie.  We are so thankful we found Brill Music and couldn’t be happier!

    Jennifer B. | Parent
  • The Brill Music Academy is a relaxed place where anyone can learn music.  They listen to the reasons you are there and want to help you achieve your goals.  My daughter was frustrated trying to learn at another music school in town.  She hated piano (even though she knew she could love it, and loves music).  It became a chore that she felt she would never master.  When we came to the Brill Academy I was afraid that my daughter would not do well, that we would argue and it would continue to be a struggle.  But I do not have to remind her to practice, she wants to play.  She gets excited about her lesson and she loves Liz.  They always come out of lessons smiling and laughing and with a positive outlook for next week.  I am so glad we found this school and music is once again a fun activity in our house.

    Stephanie W. | Parent
  • Kasey has passed his passion and love for music onto my son.  I cannot believe I don’t have to ‘tell him’ to practice. 🙂  He is always energized about what he has learned after a guitar lesson!

    Christine F. | Parent
  • Just wanted you to know we enjoyed Sarah’s first recital very much.  It was great hearing other students as well.  Thanks for the great job organizing.  I am happy Sarah is enjoying music.  Pam has been a great teacher as well.  See you soon!

    Karen P. | Parent
  • The Brill Music Academy has some of the most experienced music teachers in Las Vegas.  When my children first started playing music, they went through teachers at a couple of different schools.  While they were learning, it was obvious they weren’t understanding the reasoning behind the music or feeling the music, just the notes.  After moving to your academy, I noticed my children immediately became interested in music again and they started progressing at a much faster pace, in spite of having to relearn some of the “basics” they were never taught before.  Bravo to the teachers and staff at the Brill Music Academy.

    Holly D. | Parent
  • I am so pleased with the instruction my son is receiving from Bernard.  He is so patient with him.  He tailors the lesson for his age and communicates his progress with me after each lesson.  I am so glad we are sending him to Brill Music.

    Charlene M. | Parent
  • My children want to take lessons at the school where all of their friends go.

    Stacey C. | Parent
  • The teachers are the best!  They really care about what my child is learning.

    Alan A. | Parent
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