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Our Approach to Piano Lessons

At Brill Music Academy, we welcome all music learners, from absolute beginners to advanced students preparing for university or conservatory study. We understand that for those who are new to music lessons or piano lessons, getting started can seem a little daunting. Here’s what to expect if you’re new to piano lessons.

Brill Music Academy is proud to offer piano lessons to people of all ages and skill levels in the Las Vegas area. Our piano instructors pride themselves in customizing piano lessons to each student, providing well-rounded instructions for students of any age and skill level.

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Our approach to
piano lessons


01 Piano Lessons Should Be Fun!

We know that an interest in piano may be what first brings you into our school – but having fun is what keeps you coming back! Here at Brill Music Academy, our goal is for every student to LOVE their music lessons as they embark on a rewarding journey of progress and discovery. We put the “fun” in fundamentals!

Our knowledgeable staff blends a high standard of music education with a creative, student-focused approach that gives students space to discover and nurture their passion for music and the piano. Whether it’s your first time at the keys or you’re a seasoned pianist, our teachers are ready to help you progress quickly toward your goals – while having fun along the way.

02 We Emphasize Healthy Technique

Healthy technique is critical to lifelong enjoyment of the piano. Our first priority is teaching strong fundamentals, including hand, wrist and arm technique, bench position, and pedaling. We believe that full-body instruction is essential to musicianship and safeguards students from injury.

Once the fundamentals are in place, you and your teacher can craft the story you want your music to tell. Our qualified teachers will assist you in developing musicianship and exploring nuance through dynamics, pausing, phrasing, and varying tempos. Learn with us as we infuse elements of music theory and music history into our well-rounded approach to fostering musical excellence.

03 We Care About Your Musical Interests

There is no one-size-fits-all method of piano instruction. Regardless of ability or prior experience, our teachers take an individualized approach to each of our students – underpinned by detailed individual assessments, a personalized learning plan, and one-on-one guidance throughout your musical journey.

While fundamentals and technique are essential, our ultimate goal is to equip students to begin exploring their own personal musical style and interests. Your teacher will work with you to understand where you want to go, and craft a unique plan to get you there. Whether your style is classical or pop (or anything in between), Brill Music Academy helps students excel in their craft while encouraging the occasional step outside the comfort zone to try something new.

Our Piano Teachers:

Many of the piano instructors at Brill Music Academy love working with beginners, whether those beginners are children or adults. Others focus more on developing the skills unique to intermediate or advanced students.

Some of our teachers prefer working with highly motivated advanced students who are working towards advanced piano study at the university or conservatory level. Of course, many teachers prefer most of all working with a student all the way through their piano journey, from absolute beginner all the way to advanced amateur or even college and performance prep.

Liz Kaupp

Liz Kaupp

Piano & Trumpet

Education: Graduate of the Richard Strauss Conservatory in Munich, Germany. Private study with Bobby Shew & Don Jacoby. Major in trumpet, Minor in violin & piano. Main performance instrument is trumpet.

Herbert Thames

Herbert Thames

Piano & Voice

Singer/songwriter/composer Herbert Thames was born and raised in Las Vegas. He graduated from Northern Arizona University with a B.A. in Music and has been involved in music from childhood. He has sung

Jennifer Kittinger Loss

Jennifer Kittinger Loss

Piano & Voice

Jennifer Kittinger Loss has been teaching voice and piano for over two decades. She received her Master of Music in Voice Performance from the University of Missouri – Kansas City Conservatory of

Elijah Binford

Elijah Binford


Elijah is a multi-talented music creator from Cincinnati, Ohio. He was first introduced to musicianship at the age of 4 when his mother signed him up for piano lessons. He continued these

Beau Phillips

Beau Phillips

Voice & Piano

Beau Phillips is a music teacher originally from the Bay Area who has taught band, orchestra, choir, and theatre for grades K-12 in his hometown Vacaville, in Placerville and in his current city Las Vegas…

Bridget Cain

Bridget Cain

Piano, Drums/Percussion

Bridget Cain has been teaching private music lessons since 1987. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education from Northern Arizona University and a Masters in Music from Arizona State.

Levi Dalnodar

Levi Dalnodar

Piano, Voice

Levi Dalnodar is the bass vocalist in Studio Scarlet, the lead vocal group at UNLV Jazz and Commercial Music Department. In 2022, Studio Scarlet was a recipient of the DownBeat Award.

How it works

Tell us about your musical goals.

Match with one of our expert instructors.

Play music! Parents get progress reports.

“My daughter tried cello lessons here. I was very happy. They answer the phone and they are polite and easy to deal with. My daughter is different, so finding the right teacher for her has been challenging.”

— Terry T. | Parent

“Front desk staff is wonderful!!! Teachers are awesome!! One of my children’s favorite extracurricular activities. Thank you!!!”

— Kathleen V. | Parent

“Great place! Our 12 year old looks forward to his lesson every week. As a parent, I especially appreciate the terrific organization and communication. Such is rare and invaluable with kids’ extracurricular activities and particularly music instructors or centers.”

— George A. | Parent

“My 11 year old son wanted to play saxophone in the band in middle school and started taking lessons at Brill last summer. He absolutely loves his instructor and is excelling in band. He is excited about mastering the instrument and continues to take lessons.”

— Silvie W-E.

“I would like to tell you how impressed I am w/Brill. It’s run very professionally and the teachers are great. I have learned so much studying w/Mark. He sure knows his music and he is very professional. So, all in all, Brill should get an A+. I recommend it highly. Thanks again.”

— Ursula B. | Student

“We are so pleased with the progress our daughter has made since joining the Brill Music Academy earlier this year. Our daughter looks forward to her lesson each week and has formed a strong bond with her teacher, Ms Debbie. We are so thankful we found Brill Music and couldn’t be happier!”

— Jennifer B. | Parent

“The Brill Music Academy is a relaxed place where anyone can learn music. They listen to the reasons you are there and want to help you achieve your goals. My daughter was frustrated trying to learn at another music school in town.”

— Stephanie W. | Parent

“Kasey has passed his passion and love for music onto my son. I cannot believe I don’t have to ‘tell him’ to practice. 🙂 He is always energized about what he has learned after a guitar lesson!”

— Christine F. | Parent

“Just wanted you to know we enjoyed Sarah’s first recital very much. It was great hearing other students as well. Thanks for the great job organizing. I am happy Sarah is enjoying music. Pam has been a great teacher as well. See you soon!”

— Karen P. | Parent

“The Brill Music Academy has some of the most experienced music teachers in Las Vegas. When my children first started playing music, they went through teachers at a couple of different schools.”

— Holly D. | Parent

“I am so pleased with the instruction my son is receiving from Bernard. He is so patient with him. He tailors the lesson for his age and communicates his progress with me after each lesson. I am so glad we are sending him to Brill Music.”

— Charlene M. | Parent

“My children want to take lessons at the school where all of their friends go.”

— Stacey C. | Parent

“The teachers are the best! They really care about what my child is learning.”

— Alan A. | Parent

“I would like you to know that we are upset that we have to withdraw because we are moving out of state. We love Brill Music! We think this place is ran perfectly!!”

— April K. | Parent

“I love the personal treatment we receive here. I have never felt like my son is treated as just another student. Fred and the instructors we have worked with are all very friendly and patient. We have been to a couple other music schools and this one is the best!”

— Bryan K. | Parent

We Offer Simple Pricing to Fit
Your Schedule & Budget


30 Min Lesson



Great for learning the basics and building strong foundations.



60 Min Lesson



Great for longer sessions, great for motivated musicians.




What is the minimum age to start piano lessons at Brill Music Academy?

To play the piano properly, students should have adequate physical strength and dexterity to sit straight and press the instrument’s keys. We also suggest that students be able to read at a kindergarten or higher level and have basic phonics and pattern recognition proficiency. For this reason, we recommend piano lessons for children aged five and older.

Do I need any prior experience?

All students, from absolute beginners who have never touched a piano to advanced students who are preparing to study at a university or conservatory, are welcome at Brill Music Academy. Our credentialed and experienced teachers offer customized piano lessons and well-rounded instructions to students of any age and skill level. We help you make progress toward achieving your musical goals and having fun as you learn.

Do I have to know how to read music?

No. Beginners are welcome! Our lesson plans aim to educate, engage and inspire students.

What styles of piano can I learn?

You can hear the piano in almost every musical genre, and our teachers specialize in all styles. So whether you wish to play classical pieces or join a rock band, we’re here to help you meet your goals. To ensure you gain a well-rounded education and excel in your craft, we also encourage you to occasionally try something new, fun, and rewarding.

What materials will I need?

Every student at Brill Music Academy receives personalized instruction. Because there is no one-size-fits-all approach, talk to your teacher about the materials you will need to support your musical journey. Your teacher will recommend method books, online resources, and the exact type of piano or keyboard for your needs, interests, and goals.

Is a piano instrument the right fit for me?

Students may begin piano lessons with a specific goal in mind. Perhaps you want to become a singer-songwriter, a jazz pianist, a concert soloist, or a casual accompanist. At Brill, we start by teaching you the fundamental techniques and music literacy. We then build on your skills until you excel at your craft and meet your goals.

Why Come to Brill Music Academy or Piano Lessons?

Your interest in learning how to play the piano brings you to our school, but our expert teachers and fun environment keep you coming back. We’re committed to making learning fun as we provide a customized piano education to every student. At Brill, you’ll gain a solid foundation in music theory and playing technique as you exercise your creativity and nurture your passion and enjoyment for music and the piano.

Ready to Begin Piano Lessons in Las Vegas?

One of the most overwhelming feelings as a parent is when your own child expresses interest in something you don’t understand or know that well yourself. This is the feeling many parents who haven’t studied music face when their children start showing interest in music.
We understand how this can feel overwhelming, and we’re here to help.

How Much Are Piano Lessons in Las Vegas?

At Brill Music Academy, piano lesson pricing is based on lesson length. We have 30 and 60 minute weekly lesson options, which range from $35 to $67 per lesson. Tuition is billed in equal monthly installments for 48 lessons per year.