Private Music Lessons in Las Vegas, NV

One-on-one personalized instruction.

  • Guitar


    7 – Adult

    One of the foundational instruments of contemporary music, our guitar instructors teach across genres and will equip you to play for yourself or as part of a group.

  • Singing & Voice

    Singing & Voice

    10 – Adult

    The vocal instrument is a complex living system and healthy technique is the key to lifelong enjoyment. Let our instructors guide you on your journey of expression and discovery.

  • Drums


    7 – Adult

    The drum kit is an energetic instrument that cultivates precise playing and strong music fundamentals. Learn to create fun and complex beats while developing healthy technique.

  • Violin & Viola

    Violin & Viola

    5 – Adult

    Whether you want to learn the classics or contemporary pieces, our instructors will help you master the bowing and finger technique needed to excel at this captivating instrument.

  • Piano


    5- Adult

    The piano is both approachable for young beginners and richly complex for advanced players, and is perfect for learning to read music and building a strong musical foundation.

When Should My Child Begin Music Lessons?

The following guidelines will help you to have a successful, rewarding experience learning an instrument.  These are practical tips that we have discovered from years of teaching and our experiences with teaching hundreds of students each year.

How Young is too Young? – Starting Music at the Right Age

Adults can start any instrument at any time.  Their success is based on how willing they are to commit to practicing. We have taught many beginner students in their 60’s and 70’s.

One family can take multiple instruments on the same day and not have to travel to different locations to get the lessons that we offer in one place.  This saves you time and money.

For children, starting at the right age is a key element in the success of their lessons.  Some people will tell you “the sooner the better” but this attitude can actually backfire and be negative.

If a child begins lessons too soon, he or she may feel overwhelmed and frustrated and want to stop lessons.  We don’t want to discourage a child just because of one unpleasant experience that could have been prevented.  Sometimes if the child waits a year to start lessons, progress can be much faster. Children who are older than the suggested earliest starting age usually do very well.

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Ages per Instrument

At Brill Music Academy, we have recommended ages for each instrument group, while adults can take any instrument lessons. In our experience we’ve found that some of the instruments can be more difficult for younger students, please see our detailed guidelines below to see if your child would be old enough for music lessons.


At our school, 5 years old is usually the youngest age that we start children in private piano lessons. At this age, they have begun to develop longer attention spans, can retain material with ease, and have developed the manual dexterity to be successful.

Guitar – Acoustic, Electric and Bass:

Seven years old is the earliest we recommend for guitar lessons. Guitar playing requires a fair amount of pressure on the fingertips from pressing on the strings. Children under 8 generally have small hands and may find playing uncomfortable. Bass guitar students generally are 10 years old and older.

Voice Lessons:

We recommend students begin vocal lessons at age 10 or older. Due to the physical nature of voice lessons (proper breathing techniques, development of the vocal chords and lung capacity), the younger body is generally not yet ready for the rigors of vocal training.


The average age of our youngest drum students is 7 years old. This varies greatly depending on the size of the child. They have to be able to reach both the pedals and the cymbals.

Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Oboe (Wind instruments):

Due to lung capacity (and in the case of the saxophone, the size of the instrument), we recommend that most woodwind beginners are 9 and older.

Violin, Viola, Cello (String instruments):

We accept violin students from the age of 5. Some teachers will start children as young as 3, but experience has shown us the most productive learning occurs when the beginner is 5 or older.

Trumpet, Trombone, French Horn, Tuba (Brass instruments):

The brass instruments require physical exertion and lung power. Nine years and older is a good time to start.

Music Production Lessons

Are you interested in learning to produce music, electronic production, and music recording? The Brill Music Academy is now offering a new course of instruction that includes all of that and more! Beginning students will learn the following key concepts:

  • An introduction to software MIDI instruments
  • How to record audio
  • How to use audio loops
  • How to arrange musical ideas

Following these basics using Garage Band, if the student wishes to further their education and experience, they will be introduced to their choice of Logic Pro, Ableton Live, or Pro Tools. More advanced techniques and knowledge will be taught which cover:

  • Mixing and Mastering
  • An Introduction to Synthesis
  • Sampling
  • Sound Design
  • Scoring to Picture
  • Using external MIDI instruments


Interested students should be age 12 – adult and should have basic computer literacy in order to understand the concepts covered in the lessons. These are one-on-one sessions with the instructor. Call us at 702-212-8745 for more information and to enroll in this exciting new offer to enhance your musical experience.

Lesson Pricing

  • Weekly 30 minute lessons: $130
  • Weekly 60 minute lessons: $255

Our Reviews

  • My daughter tried cello lessons here. I was very happy.  They answer the phone and they are polite and easy to deal with.  My daughter is different, so finding the right teacher for her has been challenging.

    Terry T. | Parent
  • Front desk staff is wonderful!!!  Teachers are awesome!!  One of my children’s favorite extracurricular activities.  Thank you!!!

    Kathleen V. | Parent
  • Great place! Our 12 year old looks forward to his lesson every week. As a parent, I especially appreciate the terrific organization and communication. Such is rare and invaluable with kids’ extracurricular activities and particularly music instructors or centers. Whether it’s scheduling, lesson feedback, payments or recitals, everything is concise, simple and accurate. Further, it’s very reasonable and convenient with plenty of parking! It’s also next to Domino’s Pizza!

    George A. | Parent
  • My 11 year old son wanted to play saxophone in the band in middle school and started taking lessons at Brill last summer.  He absolutely loves his instructor and is excelling in band.  He is excited about mastering the instrument and continues to take lessons.

    Silvie W-E.
  • I would like to tell you how impressed I am w/Brill.  It’s run very professionally and the teachers are great.  I have learned so much studying w/Mark.  He sure knows his music and he is very professional.  So, all in all, Brill should get an A+.  I recommend it highly.  Thanks again.

    Ursula B. | Student
  • We are so pleased with the progress our daughter has made since joining the Brill Music Academy earlier this year.  Our daughter looks forward to her lesson each week and has formed a strong bond with her teacher, Ms Debbie.  We are so thankful we found Brill Music and couldn’t be happier!

    Jennifer B. | Parent
  • The Brill Music Academy is a relaxed place where anyone can learn music.  They listen to the reasons you are there and want to help you achieve your goals.  My daughter was frustrated trying to learn at another music school in town.  She hated piano (even though she knew she could love it, and loves music).  It became a chore that she felt she would never master.  When we came to the Brill Academy I was afraid that my daughter would not do well, that we would argue and it would continue to be a struggle.  But I do not have to remind her to practice, she wants to play.  She gets excited about her lesson and she loves Liz.  They always come out of lessons smiling and laughing and with a positive outlook for next week.  I am so glad we found this school and music is once again a fun activity in our house.

    Stephanie W. | Parent
  • Kasey has passed his passion and love for music onto my son.  I cannot believe I don’t have to ‘tell him’ to practice. 🙂  He is always energized about what he has learned after a guitar lesson!

    Christine F. | Parent
  • Just wanted you to know we enjoyed Sarah’s first recital very much.  It was great hearing other students as well.  Thanks for the great job organizing.  I am happy Sarah is enjoying music.  Pam has been a great teacher as well.  See you soon!

    Karen P. | Parent
  • The Brill Music Academy has some of the most experienced music teachers in Las Vegas.  When my children first started playing music, they went through teachers at a couple of different schools.  While they were learning, it was obvious they weren’t understanding the reasoning behind the music or feeling the music, just the notes.  After moving to your academy, I noticed my children immediately became interested in music again and they started progressing at a much faster pace, in spite of having to relearn some of the “basics” they were never taught before.  Bravo to the teachers and staff at the Brill Music Academy.

    Holly D. | Parent
  • I am so pleased with the instruction my son is receiving from Bernard.  He is so patient with him.  He tailors the lesson for his age and communicates his progress with me after each lesson.  I am so glad we are sending him to Brill Music.

    Charlene M. | Parent
  • My children want to take lessons at the school where all of their friends go.

    Stacey C. | Parent
  • The teachers are the best!  They really care about what my child is learning.

    Alan A. | Parent
  • I would like you to know that we are upset that we have to withdraw because we are moving out of state.  We love Brill Music!  We think this place is ran perfectly!!

    April K. | Parent
  • I love the personal treatment we receive here.  I have never felt like my son is treated as just another student.  Fred and the instructors we have worked with are all very friendly and  patient.  We have been to a couple other music schools and this one is the best!

    Bryan K. | Parent
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