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Did you know that anyone can sing? Everyone has the capacity for vocal technique and communication improvement. The human voice is perhaps the most unique of all the instruments. It allows for the most nuance, emotion and variation.

Tampa Music School employs only the best and most passionate vocal instructors whose sole purpose is to help you grow in your musicality, confidence and overall ability. Our teachers desire to pass on their love for singing to their students through engaging and creative one-on-one collaboration.

There is no preferred musical genre or style taught at Tampa Music School. Whether a student likes pop, Broadway, rock, R&B, spirituals or classical, everyone is encouraged to embrace their musical path. The only tools a student will need are a love for singing and a willingness to put in solid effort.

Our Approach to Voice Lessons

Here at Tampa music school, we view voice lesson time as a partnership activity. While your instructor likely possesses more musical experience, it is their desire to listen and to nurture your personal musical expression. A qualified voice teacher knows what to listen for and can often spot unhealthy habits that will save you from damage in the long term.

The key goal word within our music school is individuality. Our instructors would never try to force all voice students into the same mold. Lesson time will be devoted to goal setting and goal achievement within an atmosphere of freedom and creativity.

While we strongly encourage freedom of individual performance, we also require a strong knowledge of the building blocks of musical production.

We Teach the Fundamentals

While we champion the idea that anyone can sing, we also believe that the more a student understands the makeup of their music, the better musician they will be. This understanding is made possible by quality instruction in the fundamentals of music in general.

A Tampa Music School voice teacher will seamlessly teach skills such as sight reading, theory and aural skills, all within the normal lesson framework.

Students will also be encouraged to study the background, context and possible performance styles of their repertoire. Music becomes far more meaningful when fully digested in this way.

We Teach Proper Technique

If you wish to enjoy a lifetime of singing, it is important to approach vocal music with proper technique. Voice teachers at Tampa Music School are skilled in teaching confidence, healthy posture and breathing, efficient vocal production, enunciation, communication and stage presence. Mastery of these many aspects of vocal technique will make you a well-rounded and confident musician.

Additionally, we can’t state enough the value of having a musical mentor to safeguard you against harmful vocal habits. Countless people have formed bad habits or even injured their voices by imitating the artists they love without understanding how to do so properly. Proper technique will shield you from this danger.

We Tailor Instruction to Your Goals

Tampa Music School instructors love working with students of all ages and skill levels. Maybe you are a beginner and don’t know where to start. Our teachers can help set you on a path to success. If you’re a more experienced vocalist, your teacher can immediately work with you on more advanced techniques and repertoire.

Our teachers do not believe in a one-size-fits-all style of instruction. Each student’s unique sound will be evaluated, and then your teacher will set goals to take you from where you are to where you want to go.

After students learn the basics, they can freely explore different vocal stylings and genres. Students are strongly encouraged to bring their favorite musical playlists to lessons for inspiration as well.


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Our Teachers

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Our Vocal Teachers

Our voice teachers are the best around when it comes to experience and passionate vocal instruction. They not only have immense skill in pedagogy, but they also have significant professional performance experience. Some have toured the world promoting their own music. Others regularly perform with illustrious music groups. These experiences give our teachers unique insight, which they pass on to their students.



Voice & Piano

Singer, Composer and Pianist from Barcelona, Spain First Place Winner of the International Talavera Jazz Contest Several European Tours With Onna Project, she released 2 albums. Her album ‘Un Hogar’ was sold

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Voice & Piano

Nicole Hoffer is an educator, performer, and composer from the Tampa Bay Area. Hoffer has taught guitar, bass, drums, piano and songwriting at local schools and privately. She is currently studying Vocal

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Andrea A

Andrea A

Voice & Piano

Andrea Alderman joins us from NYC. She has extensive experience directing youth choirs, teaching instrumental music and voice and has over 17 years of vocal performance experience. As a vocalist she has

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Piano & Voice

Stephanie Stapleton, daughter of a professional musician and native to South Tampa, is deeply passionate about music and the fine arts. Classically trained in voice and piano, she provides learning in a

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What Is the Right Age to Begin Voice Lessons?

The voice is certainly not a static instrument. As you age, your voice continues to change and develop. You can begin quite young to build the confidence and healthy habits to set you up for continued vocal success.
Elementary school is a great age to begin exploring the world of singing. Young students benefit greatly from a safe but inspiring environment where they can be encouraged to sing freely.

As a student matures, they will be able to understand more and more what is involved in the actual mechanics of singing. At this stage, students may select more challenging repertoire as they continue refining their technique.

If you want to sing, our instructors would love to work with you. Let us meet you where you are and assist you on your musical journey.

What Is Different About Tampa Music School?

When looking for voice lessons, why should you choose Tampa Music School?

Tampa Music School instructors thrive on teacher/student collaboration. We recognize that inspiration comes best from music that a student strongly identifies with. The freedom to make choices and explore during lesson time will inspire and motivate you to work hard to achieve your vocal goals.

What’s Holding You Back? Let’s Get Started Today!

At Tampa Music School, we realize that students come to us for many different reasons. Some are at the beginning of their journey, some are just looking to troubleshoot an issue or brush up on audition repertoire, and others are professional musicians that want to continue honing their skills.

No matter where you are musically, we can’t overstate enough the value of having a one-on-one teacher/student relationship. The benefits of this kind of vocal study far outweigh any quick teaching you could get from a YouTube video.

Of course, don’t take our word for it. We’d love for you to see for yourself what it is like to collaborate with an inspiring musical mentor. If you have further questions, call us at (813) 837-9245 and get your first voice lesson scheduled today.


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Clients Say

  • “Thank You!”

    My daughter had a great time at camp! She talked about it everyday. It built up her confidence and gave her a taste of many different instruments!

    Jana Lindsay Tallent | Parent
  • “Great!”

    My son is a returning student and he loves the instructors! We feel very fortunate that he is well supported and learning a lot!

    Gabriela Martinez | Parent
  • “Amazing”

    We love Tampa music school! All the instructors are awesome and my daughter has made tons of progress!

    Lindsey Rae Graves | Parent
  • “Wow!”

    This is just an awesome music school! From the School owner Matthew Maines to my Instructor Milani this is just a top notch bunch. I would definitely recommend this school to others looking to learn a new instrument or perfect their skills!

    J.J. S. | Parent
  • “What a wonderful music school”

    The teachers are very friendly and helpful. Thank you Tampa music school !

    Melody T. | Parent
  • “I’ve been going to Tampa Music School for almost a year now”

    I have learned so much about working within a band. Matt has been very supportive of all members and has an obvious understanding of how each instrument within the band can be showcased and contribute to the overall sound. I’m very grateful I’ve found such a nice studio right in my community.

    Barbara B. | Parent
  • “My son is a returning student and he loves the instructors!”

    We feel very fortunate that he is well supported and is learning a lot!!

    Gabriela M. | Parent
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