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Have you ever been inspired by the emotional performance of a true string artist? At Tampa Music School, we believe the strings are some of the most versatile and emotive instruments. A good violinist or violist can call to action, sing sweetly or sigh sorrowfully.

You can become a well-versed student of this type of musical expression by partnering with a qualified violin teacher or viola teacher. Tampa Music Studio employs exactly the type of instructor who can assist you in mastering this elegant instrument.

Our Approach to Violin & Viola Lessons

Mastering the violin or viola can be a somewhat technical adventure. Unlike many other instruments, there are no automatic true pitches to be had. True pitch must be accomplished by the student’s ear and fingers alone.

Violin lessons as well as viola lessons require more of a complete body awareness than any other instrument. This awareness is taught not in a high-pressure way but in a calm and reassuring way meant to foster feelings of confidence and safety. To achieve eventual mastery and freedom of performance, it is vital to be a good student of music in a general sense.

We Teach the Fundamentals

A wise and understanding student will require a solid working knowledge of skills such as music theory, ear training (very important for strings especially), rhythm practice, and sight reading.

While some students may wish to take additional classes in these areas, our instructors are passionate about making the learning of these skills a regular interwoven part of lesson time. Chosen repertoire will reinforce good theory and aural skills so that the student grows into a more well-rounded instrumentalist.

We Teach Proper Technique

The squeak of a beginning violinist is a sound familiar to most. These beginning tendencies can be overcome with a strong command of basic technique.

Instruction will begin with basics such as instrument and bow hold, healthy posture and hand positioning. Once the foundation is in place, the student will put bow to strings and progress through exercises such as scales and arpeggios.

It is vitally important to nail the basic techniques to truly progress on string instruments. This is where your teacher becomes essential. An extra pair of experienced eyes and ears can save you much trouble in the long run. Your instructor will be able to immediately spot poor performance habits before they become serious issues.

Your teacher truly wants to assist you in moving past elementary performance and take you on to higher and even more enjoyable levels of musical achievement.

We Tailor Instruction to Your Goals

The desire of our Tampa Music School instructors is not to push students in a high-pressure way to achieve the teacher’s goals. Rather, each student is met where they are (whether beginner, intermediate or advanced) and encouraged to pursue their own personal goals in a meaningful, inspiring, fun way.

Your violin or viola teacher welcomes your repertoire suggestions. Some of the most rewarding collaboration has taken place over a student’s favorite song suggestion.

There are many different directions a violin or viola can go, such as fiddling, classical, rock or pop. Our teachers want to know what your aspirations are. Your violin or viola teacher will strive to make lesson times a time of excitement balanced with purpose and substance.


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Our Teachers

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Our Violin & Viola Teachers

All our instructors are highly credentialed and have earned degrees from quality institutions. Most participate in outside areas of performance and can bring that experience to their individual lessons.

We believe that a good teacher must always be learning and growing themselves in order to effectively inspire a student.




Barbara has extensive experience as a violin/viola instructor with students starting as young as 4 years old up to senior citizens. She uses a combination of traditional and Suzuki teaching styles, depending

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Violin & Piano

Diandra Rufin was born in Cuba, where she was admitted to the Professional Art School at the age of 7. Violin was her passion, although she combined the study of piano and

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What Is a Good Age to Begin Violin & Viola Lessons?

There is much debate as to when it is appropriate to begin instruction in stringed instruments. Some will teach children as young as 3 while others insist 5 or 6 is the right age.

If you have a prospective student who is a young learner, we would be happy to speak with you about the appropriateness of their age and attention span. We want your child’s lesson time to be a fruitful experience, so gauging readiness is key.

If you are an older beginner or more experienced student, we welcome you. Our teachers thrive on teaching students of all ages. No one is too old to learn a stringed instrument. Some students may even turn their love of the violin or viola into a lifetime career!

What Makes Tampa Music School Unique?

Not only do we have a great facility that we call home, but we believe that Tampa Music School employs the best teachers around. Our instructors are able to find a balance between fun and substance that fosters a desire for true growth.

In addition to musical partnership, your teacher also seeks to know and encourage you in the non-lesson aspects of your life. Your ability to make music is closely tied to who you are as a whole person. Understanding what makes you unique will enable your teacher to better tailor instruction to your individual needs. Our students regularly tell us that they consider their teacher to be their friend as well as their mentor.

So, What’s Stopping You?

We’ve told you about the amazing teachers at Tampa Music School, all the amazing opportunities we offer, and what is possible if a student truly dedicates effort to their musical craft. All that’s left is for you to see what you personally can achieve!

The best environment for musical growth is one in which a mentor comes alongside a student to personally observe, demonstrate and inspire. This kind of value can’t be gained from an internet resource. The face-to-face approach is far better.

If you would like to stop by and see for yourself what makes Tampa Music School unique, we welcome you to visit anytime.

Perhaps you have questions that our website didn’t answer. Give us a call at (813) 837-9245 and we’d be happy to assist you. Why not schedule your first violin or viola lesson today?


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Clients Say

  • “Thank You!”

    My daughter had a great time at camp! She talked about it everyday. It built up her confidence and gave her a taste of many different instruments!

    Jana Lindsay Tallent | Parent
  • “Great!”

    My son is a returning student and he loves the instructors! We feel very fortunate that he is well supported and learning a lot!

    Gabriela Martinez | Parent
  • “Amazing”

    We love Tampa music school! All the instructors are awesome and my daughter has made tons of progress!

    Lindsey Rae Graves | Parent
  • “Wow!”

    This is just an awesome music school! From the School owner Matthew Maines to my Instructor Milani this is just a top notch bunch. I would definitely recommend this school to others looking to learn a new instrument or perfect their skills!

    J.J. S. | Parent
  • “What a wonderful music school”

    The teachers are very friendly and helpful. Thank you Tampa music school !

    Melody T. | Parent
  • “I’ve been going to Tampa Music School for almost a year now”

    I have learned so much about working within a band. Matt has been very supportive of all members and has an obvious understanding of how each instrument within the band can be showcased and contribute to the overall sound. I’m very grateful I’ve found such a nice studio right in my community.

    Barbara B. | Parent
  • “My son is a returning student and he loves the instructors!”

    We feel very fortunate that he is well supported and is learning a lot!!

    Gabriela M. | Parent
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