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The guitar is perhaps the most popular easily transportable instrument in the United States. A decent guitar is easy to come by and generally more inexpensive than many other instruments. Chances are you have a friend who has shown you how to pick a few chords. Maybe you’ve even taken a shot at following an online guitar tutorial.

Unlike guitar, the ukulele is not quite as common, although it is simpler to manipulate and master. This folksy younger cousin of the guitar provides a fun, rhythmic accompaniment, especially for vocalists.

Tampa Music School instructors believe that no other type of guitar lessons or ukulele instruction can compete with the one-on-one quality collaboration you’ll get in guitar lessons with a music professional.

Our Approach to Guitar & Ukulele Lessons

Tampa Music School guitar and ukulele teachers use a well-balanced style of instruction. We firmly believe that lesson time should be fun and engaging but also rich in substance and technical instruction.

Our instructors are well equipped to work with students of any age or performance level. Our instructors’ experience in different guitar musical styles is extensive.

Guitar or ukulele performance goes far beyond merely strumming a few chords. Instructors at Tampa Music School focus on the quality of the whole musician. To accomplish this quality of performance, your ukulele or guitar teacher will first assist you in establishing a strong base on which to build further musicianship.

We Teach the Fundamentals

A strong guitarist or ukulele player should be well-versed in a wide variety of fundamentals, including sight reading, rhythm, music theory and ear training. Tampa Music School instructors are adept at incorporating these skills into weekly lesson time. There are no laborious theory classes. Students will learn the application of principles through their chosen repertoire.

Guitar and ukulele music is often written in tablature form, which can be confusing at first for those used to standard musical notation. Adjustment to this type of sight reading will come quickly with your teacher’s assistance.

We Teach Proper Technique

The basic techniques of both guitar and ukulele playing are the same. Your teacher will spend quality time instructing you in proper posture, chord fingering, fretting, picking, and strumming.

Learning healthy habits under the eye of an experienced professional will save you from the need to periodically return to the basics. Soon elementary technique will be second nature, and you will begin to experience the joy of more advanced types of musical expression.

We Tailor Instruction to Your Goals

Strummed instruments (especially the guitar) are popular members of many different types of performance groups such as folk, church worship, classical, country and rock band. At Tampa Music School, your teacher wants to know exactly what your goals for your instrument are. What sound do you envision for yourself?

Instruction style can vary widely depending on what end goal you have in mind. Classical technique is very different from rock technique. Although the basics of guitar and ukulele performance are similar, the sooner you can communicate your vision to your teacher, the sooner they can begin guiding you along the track you need to succeed.

Tampa Music School instructors also adapt readily to your age and proficiency level. Whether you are just starting, advanced or somewhere in the middle, your teacher has the knowhow to challenge and excite you.

If you are hoping to accompany yourself as a soloist perhaps in a singer/songwriter style, our instructors can give you vocal direction as well. It is extremely helpful to have a mentor come alongside you as you master the coordination of playing, proper breathing and singing.


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Our Teachers

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Our Teachers

Our instructors are the highlight of Tampa Music School. They will be not only your teacher, but also your friend. The musical bond between teacher and student can be a powerful vehicle for self-discovery. You never know what you can achieve until you take that first step.



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What’s a Good Age to Begin Guitar & Ukulele Lessons?

Proper execution of the guitar requires some strength of hand as the strings must be pushed down fairly hard to effectively play chords. For this reason, young children are not usually well suited to the guitar.

We would be happy to asses any prospective guitar student and let you know our recommendation.

Unlike guitar, ukulele does not require as much grip strength and is more suited to young learners. The 4-string design also makes it a bit more accessible in terms of technique.

What Value Does Tampa Music School Offer?

Tampa Music School is so much more than a building. It is a greenhouse for growing musicians. We strive to make our facility a fun and engaging environment that sparks the imagination. All our staff members are enthusiastic about music, and it shows in every interaction with our students.

During your private lesson you will catch a vision of what your musical future could be. Your teacher’s goal for each lesson is to assist you in reaching your goals. It’s all about your aspirations and choices, not your teacher’s preferences. This student-centric approach fosters great creativity and freedom.

Want to Get Started?

So now that you’ve heard what Tampa Music School has to offer, why not jump in? We promise you will grow and thrive under the quality instruction and friendly atmosphere that we provide.

In today’s world of convenience, many try to shortcut their way to success. The internet is flooded with how-to tutorials and easy instruction manuals. But we believe these resources can only take you so far. Only a personal one-on-one instructor can truly understand your musical aspirations.

Don’t shortchange yourself. You will never regret trying the best option available to you. If you’d like to see for yourself, we would love for you to stop by and experience our amazing team in action!

If you’d rather just give us a call right now at (813)837-9245 and set up your first lesson, that works too. We hope to see you soon!


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Clients Say

  • “Thank You!”

    My daughter had a great time at camp! She talked about it everyday. It built up her confidence and gave her a taste of many different instruments!

    Jana Lindsay Tallent | Parent
  • “Great!”

    My son is a returning student and he loves the instructors! We feel very fortunate that he is well supported and learning a lot!

    Gabriela Martinez | Parent
  • “Amazing”

    We love Tampa music school! All the instructors are awesome and my daughter has made tons of progress!

    Lindsey Rae Graves | Parent
  • “Wow!”

    This is just an awesome music school! From the School owner Matthew Maines to my Instructor Milani this is just a top notch bunch. I would definitely recommend this school to others looking to learn a new instrument or perfect their skills!

    J.J. S. | Parent
  • “What a wonderful music school”

    The teachers are very friendly and helpful. Thank you Tampa music school !

    Melody T. | Parent
  • “I’ve been going to Tampa Music School for almost a year now”

    I have learned so much about working within a band. Matt has been very supportive of all members and has an obvious understanding of how each instrument within the band can be showcased and contribute to the overall sound. I’m very grateful I’ve found such a nice studio right in my community.

    Barbara B. | Parent
  • “My son is a returning student and he loves the instructors!”

    We feel very fortunate that he is well supported and is learning a lot!!

    Gabriela M. | Parent
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