When are lessons?

Music lessons run year round, scheduled at a time that works for both you and your teacher. There will be no lessons the week of Thanksgiving, the 2 weeks of Christmas/Winter break, & the week of Spring Break.  During the last week of May, Performance Parties are held instead of private lessons.  Your tuition covers 48 lessons (47 private lessons + 1 performance party).  Tuition is divided equally over 12 months. Saturday Performance Lessons and additional activities are also included in your tuition. Lessons are scheduled anytime that a teacher has an available slot.

What if I miss a lesson?

There are no credits or refunds for missed lessons.  For private students, one makeup lesson is allowed per semester for illness. However, the private makeup lesson is only scheduled during your teacher’s open times, and is not guaranteed if your teacher does not have an opening in their schedule.   If you do miss a lesson for illness or any other reason, you may always sign-up for our 60-minute Performance Lesson, held once per month.  Lessons cancelled by the teacher will always be promptly made up or taught by a substitute.

Do you teach music theory?

Yes! All of our students are taught music theory at their grade level from Sept-May. We suggest that all students enroll in Dr. Rabago’s online music theory courses, which cover 1 year of music theory instruction per level, for $35. More information can be found at https://www.pianoprogram.com

Can students study pop music?

Absolutely. We try to integrate repertoire into each lesson that both motivates the students and provides them with the best learning environment. On on recital per year, we offer a special pops recital (with rehearsal) where the students can perform with a live rhythm section! (Drums and Bass)

What about students that are serious about music?

Once a year we host The Music Development program, an intensive program that lets students of all ages prepare for an assessment of their skills in repertoire playing, etude playing, technique, and sight-reading/ear training. This is just one of the serious programs that we offer. There are several other competitions and festivals that students can participate in. All of our teachers hold university degrees in music, allowing us to properly educate and train students of all abilities and all levels. Several of our students have gone on to major in music and complete University degrees in music.

Do you have performance or masterclasses for students?

Yes. As part of your tuition, you are entitled to go to 1 performance class per month. Signups are on our webpage.

What type of lessons are offered over the summer?

Lessons continue year round!  If you absolutely cannot attend lessons every week over the summer, you can stop your weekly lessons and purchase a packet of 6 or 8 summer lessons. We also offer summer camps.  Summer is a fun time to get out of the rut of weekly lessons and explore exciting topics such a music video recording, composition, etc. If you do not choose to take Summer lessons, you must pay the $35 registration fee when you re-enroll for the fall.

What type of music is taught at Velocity Music Academy?

Music is assigned to students that is appropriate for their age and interest level. All students study either out of a method book or the 4 main genres of piano music: baroque, classical, romantic, and contemporary. Students are taught to read music as well as music theory. We also love to teach pieces that are motivators for students, such as movie pieces, pop pieces, jazz, contemporary Christian, ragtime, etc. Velocity Music Academy sells a wide variety of music books and sheet music that students can purchase.

Do I need an instrument at home?

All students must have an instrument at home for practice. If you do not own an instrument, arrangements can be made for rental or purchase. All piano students must have a well maintained acoustic piano or a full sized digital piano with 88 keys, proper key width, weighted keys, and pedal.

How much should my child practice?

In order to make the most of lessons, students should be expected to practice between 4-7 days a week at home. Parents may have to supervise practice for younger children. Throughout the year we offer practice incentives for students. As a general rule, younger children (ages 4-7) should practice a minimum of 15 minutes per day, children ages 8-12 should practice a minimum of 30 minutes per day, and children ages 13 and above should practice a minimum of 45 minutes per day. If you have questions about practicing or how to help your child practice, please contact us for suggestions

Do you offer recitals?

Recitals are held every December and May, with additional honors recitals, coffee shop performance, and other specialty recitals throughout the year.

Do you have any other events?

Students may participate in our in-house festival, masterclass, and duet performances every year. Students whose teachers belong to ADMTA may also participate in ADMTA festivals. We also host The Royal Conservatory Program Examinations in May of each year. Other festivals and competitions are available in the Austin and surrounding areas for interested students.

Why do you charge an annual activities/recital fee?

All private K-12 students pay an annual activities/recital fee when they reserve their spot for fall lessons. If you start lessons in the Spring, the activities/recital fee is prorated at 50%.  Annual activities/recital fees are $60 per student, or $90 per family (2 or more students per family enrolled).  This fee covers all recital expenses, awards, parties, picnics, practice awards, etc. Even if you choose not to participate in recitals or other events, you must still pay this annual fee. Group class students do not pay the activities/recital fee, and will have an end of semester celebration during their class time.