Music Lessons in Norwood Park, IL

Flatts & Sharpe in Norwood Park, IL, provides a diverse range of music lessons to students of all ages. Our music school is located at 6139 N Northwest Hwy, Chicago, IL 60631.

student playing the drums in the drum lessons

Music School for All Ages & Skill Levels!

Flatts & Sharpe is like a friendly small-town music shop in the heart of the big city. We have friendly faces, good prices, and we’re here to help anyone interested in music. We love helping new musicians learn about instruments and find the right one for them. We try to answer questions before they’re even asked, so everyone feels comfortable and welcome.


Our Northwest Highway Location is conveniently located at 6139 N Northwest Hwy, Chicago, nestled near major routes such as N Harlem Ave and W Devon Ave. It’s easily reachable from various roads running North-South, like N Olcott Ave, N Oketo Ave, and N Ozanam Ave. This central location allows us to serve areas along Northwest Hwy, from Norwood Park to Edison Park, and beyond, making it a go-to place for everyone nearby.

Flatts & Sharpe – Norwood Park, IL

6139 N Northwest Hwy, Chicago, IL 60631

Hours of Operation

  • Monday-Thursday 12pm-8pm
  • Friday Closed
  • Saturday 10am-4pm
  • Sunday 10pm-6pm

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