Our Locations

Rogers Park

Rogers Park

6749 N Sheridan Rd,
Chicago IL 60626

(773) 465-5233

Hours of Operation
Monday-Thursday 12pm-8pm
Friday 12pm-6pm
Saturday 10am-6pm
Sunday 10am-6pm

Norwood Park

Norwood Park

6139 N Northwest Hwy,
Chicago IL 60631

(773) 774-1740

Hours of Operation
Monday-Thursday 12pm-8pm
Friday Closed
Saturday 10am-4pm
Sunday 10pm-6pm


Music School for All Ages & Skill Levels!

Our team strives to instill a lifelong passion in each of our students, so they may achieve their fullest artistic potential. We teach all ages, and offer lessons in piano, voice, drums, guitar, violin, cello and more.

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We serve all ages and skill levels


Kids Music Lessons

Our mantra? Students only learn to play the music they love. We offer a non-competitive learning environment in which kids are encouraged to develop their skills alongside one another. This boosts confidence and teaches musicians how to work together to make a piece of music truly come to life.
Our teachers understand how to work with children, as many of our instructors have kids of their own. With years of experience, our skilled staff teaches students how to read, write, and perform the genre(s) of music they’re interested in.
The culminating moment of taking lessons at Flatts & Sharpe is the show we put on twice a year. Kids are grouped together based on their musical interests and age and, after two months of band practices and private lessons, kids get the opportunity to perform in front of a live audience! Opportunities like this are hugely important for emerging musicians to build up their proficiency and confidence, while also making memories that will last a lifetime.

Adult Music Lessons

The conventional wisdom is that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Luckily, you’re not a dog.
When you grow up, life can sometimes seem like an endless list of obligations, dominated by monotony and work. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way. At Flatts & Sharpe, we work with adults ranging in age from college students to grandparents to help them grow as musicians or develop a new hobby. Our adult students get the opportunity to explore music in depth via private or group lessons, meet interesting new people, and perform with other Chicagoland musicians.
Interested in playing with other musicians? We support and encourage a large community with players of all skill levels who want to perform live and boost their musical confidence. Get in touch with Flatts & Sharpe and we’ll make sure you’re getting the most out of music.

Individual Lessons

Flatts & Sharpe offers one-on-one, tailored lessons for students of any ages and any level. Our staff and instructors are community minded, friendly and their primary goal is to instill fun into your lessons. Whether you’re looking to start from the bottom, or continue where you left off, our highly qualified instructors will help you with whatever you’re looking to learn! We prepare our students to have achievable goals and are respectful of everyone learning at their own pace. We offer additional opportunities for learning from recitals to ensembles, which creates goals for all levels. Come see what everyone’s talking about and try a lesson today!

Group Lessons

Group classes are essential for any musician to gain the valuable skills of playing with others, ear training and working collaboratively. Ensembles introduce the student to the joy of being in a musical community. Once a student gets beyond the beginner level, group classes are a must! Flatts & Sharpe offers everything from classical, to contemporary, to good old rock n’ roll classes. There’s something for everyone. Come see (and hear) the difference! We put the emphasis on FUN!