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Our Approach to Voice Lessons

Our voice department is equipped to serve students with collegiate and professional ambitions, and we invite you to see our reviews page for a selection of The Music Connection success stories. We are equally delighted to work with students of all abilities seeking to enrich their lives through music. Regardless of ability or prior experience, our teachers take an individualized approach to each of our students – underpinned by detailed individual assessments, a personalized learning plan, and one-to-one guidance throughout your musical journey. Many of our teachers have memberships and openings for numerous performance and competitive opportunities, but these are always optional.

Voice Lessons Should Be Fun!

Finding your own voice is one of life’s great pleasures – and learning how to use it makes that feeling even sweeter! At The Music Connection, we want every student to LOVE their music lessons and find fulfillment in learning how to sing.

Our voice teachers create a positive and supportive learning environment where you can succeed, no matter your starting point or level of experience. Whether you are singing in a choir, a musical theatre ensemble, as a soloist, or just in the car, our experienced teachers can help you build confidence and have fun, while working on music you enjoy.

We Emphasize Healthy Technique

Singing may look simple enough, but the voice is a complex series of systems that form an expressive and delicate living instrument inside of each of us. Perhaps more than any other musical discipline, having an experienced voice teacher to assist you in training these processes to work together is key to healthy, lifelong enjoyment of singing.

The Music Connection’s highly-trained instructors will assist you in learning strong fundamentals including proper breathing, diction, resonance, stage presence, and non-verbal expression. We strive to ensure that our voice students become literate musicians, so lessons will also include discussions of music theory, history, and rhythm. Mastering these technical basics will broaden your horizons and allow you to explore many different styles and genres of music in the future!

We Care About Your Musical Interests & Goals

We teach all styles of singing, including musical theatre, classical, contemporary/pop, jazz, country, and folk. Your voice is unique – and therefore, your instruction should be, too. Whether you are a beginner, have some experience, or are an accomplished performer with a desire to further develop your skills, our teachers will provide customized guidance designed to advance your individual goals.

Learn from our experienced staff of professional singers and graduates from several prestigious musical programs. At The Music Connection, we approach each lesson with a goal of inspiring creativity, instilling confidence, and exploring the dimensions of what your special voice can do.

Your unique voice has its own tone and sound unlike any other. Taking voice lessons at The Music Connection can help you maximize its potential and use it to the best of your ability.

Our teachers analyze your voice and show you how to use and develop it properly. We prioritize vocal health and teach you how to care for your voice so that you can use this instrument skillfully and safely for many years to come.

While your voice is unique, so are your musical style and genre preferences. Your teacher will encourage you to express your individuality and have fun as you learn. We support you as you achieve your musical and vocal goals.


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Our Teachers

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Our Voice Teachers

Whether you want to become a better singer for personal, casual, or professional reasons, we’re here to help you achieve your full vocal potential. Voice instructors at The Music Connection are talented, credentialed vocalists with teaching and performance experience. You will learn from a caring professional who can cultivate your talents and help you become a well-rounded vocalist. In addition to learning how to sing better, you will learn music theory, breathing techniques and healthy living tips that improve your vocal health and longevity.

Christina E.

Christina E.

Piano & Voice

Mrs. Christina E. is a professional pianist/vocalist/accompanist with a wealth of experiences. She has an extensive background in piano pedagogy and has been teaching children and adults for over 30 years. She

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Elena K.

Elena K.


Elena K. studied vocal performance at the College and Conservatory in her native city of Tashkent, Uzbekistan. She completed her training in two prestigious artist development opera programs – the Houston Grand

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Gretel Mink Hansen

Gretel Mink Hansen


Gretel Mink Hansen, a Miami native, holds both her Bachelor’s Degree in Vocal performance from The University of Miami’s Frost School of Music and her Master’s in Vocal Pedagogy from Northeastern Illinois

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Elena Kolganova

Elena Kolganova


A current voice instructor at The Music Connection, Elena Kolganova got her start in her native city of Tashkent, Uzbekistan. There, she studied vocal performance at the Tashkent College of Music, and

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Frequently Asked Questions About Voice Lessons

What is the minimum age to start voice lessons at The Music Connection?

We recommend children begin voice lessons after the age of 6. At this time, the voice is developed enough to handle the rigors of formal training and practice, and children can understand foundational singing methods and music theory. Children at this age are also able to express their musical goals and engage with their teacher as they learn to sing.

Older children, teens, and adults of all skill and experience may begin lessons at any time. Voice lessons equip you to maximize your instrument as your voice develops and changes with age, experience, and usage. We also work with you to refine your technique, master your preferred repertoire, and support every stage of your vocal development.

Do I need any prior experience?

If you’re like many voice students, you started singing as soon as you could talk, but formal training and musical education are not required to take voice lessons at The Music Connection. We simply ask that you demonstrate a willingness to learn, the ability to practice regularly and a curious attitude. With these skills, you’re more likely to absorb your training, learn essential skills like reading music, and obtain results that move you toward achieving your vocal goals.

What styles of voice can I learn?

At The Music Connection, you choose the style of music you want to sing. Our teachers have experience singing and teaching all genres, including classical, contemporary, country, folk, jazz, and musical theater. While we may introduce a variety of styles and genres in order to reinforce lesson content and expand your skills or repertoire, your preferences, abilities, and goals remain the priority.

What books will I need?

The Music Connection teachers create a customized curriculum for each voice student. After you meet with your teacher and discuss your goals, you’ll receive a list of books to purchase. Your teacher may also suggest additional resources that support your vocal development and health.

Is voice the right fit for me?

Every human can sing, but you may wish to take your voice to the next level so that you can sing better in the shower, participate in community sing-alongs, or perform well on a stage. Voice lessons enable you to sharpen your talent, control your volume, breathe properly, read music, perform a variety of music styles, and protect your instrument. You may also take voice lessons to improve your concentration and memory, develop interpersonal skills, and gain confidence. We invite you to try a few lessons and see if voice training at The Music Connection is a good fit for you.

Why Come to The Music Connection for Voice Lessons?

We believe that voice lessons should be effective, engaging, and fun. That’s why The Music Connection vocal teachers are passionate about singing and create student-focused lessons. We take time to listen to you and nurture you during every step of your musical development. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced singer, our goal is for you to learn how your voice works, maximize your instrument and have fun as you grow.

Ready to Begin Voice Lessons in Orland Park?

Contact The Music Connection today to learn more or to enroll in voice lessons. We’re here to help you achieve your vocal goals as you learn from experienced teachers and have fun developing your unique voice.


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What Our Students and Parents Say

  • Hi Music Connection Friends,I just wanted to say thank you for all of those lessons you gave my children when they were younger. It’s truly a gift that lasts a lifetime. The best thing that has come out of this quarantine is that my kids remember they know how to play and they have been playing daily again. So lovely to hear them play and all that they learned. It is a gift they can enjoy forever.Miss you guys

    Trish S.
  • I just wanted to say thank you again for your help with Colin’s Solo and Ensemble Festival. It was such a great experience and your dedication to helping him be a better musician IS making him a better musician. He is so proud and he should be!!!  Great Teachers make all the difference. I just wanted you and the staff at Music Connection to know that we think YOU ROCK!!

  • My three children wanted to play different instruments and there are so many instructors at the Music Connection, it was very easy for us to choose a time and date to fit our busy schedule.  The teachers have always been very positive and encouraging to all of my children!

  • Ms. Ana is wonderful! She motivates Ellyse and is always positive! She is why we keep coming back!

  • The Music Connection is top notch for music education. We’ve been with The Music Connection since 2009.  The teachers we’ve had all have a genuine interest in kids’ learning and are excellent musicians themselves.  Mrs. K fosters an environment that makes music education important and fun.  She always puts students FIRST and will go out of her way to make sure they have opportunities to express their love of music.   It is a great studio with the best teachers.  We are lucky to have The Music Connection in our community!

  • My daughter loves the preparation for IMA and guild. She starts planning soon after she finishes her competition

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