Orland Park Violin & Viola Lessons

Our Approach to Violin & Viola Lessons

The Music Connection takes a balanced approach to music instruction. We make learning fun and foster creativity, while maintaining a focus on the core principles of good musicianship. 

While we strive for excellence, we do it in a way that’s fun and free of the conservatory-type pressure found at some music schools. 

Our violin instructors enjoy tailoring lessons to their students’ interests and goals, while incorporating the technical skills needed for them to achieve mastery of their instrument. We encourage individuality while making the learning experience fun for students of all ages. Below is an outline of our approach.

Viola and Violin Lessons Should Be Fun!

The only thing sweeter than the sound of a violin or viola is the experience students will have at The Music Connection. We pair the sophistication of these classic string instruments with an unwavering commitment to fun. We want each of our students to LOVE their music lessons!

Our teaching staff expertly blends a high standard of music education with a creative, student-focused approach that gives students space to discover and nurture their passion for music and the violin. Whether you’re looking to pick up the instrument for the first time or want to earn the first chair in your orchestra, our teachers are ready to help you progress quickly toward your goals – while having fun along the way.

We Emphasize Healthy Technique

Strong fundamentals are key to efficient, effortless playing and optimal sound. We teach students essential instrument care and set-up, tuning, healthy playing posture, bowing, and hand positioning. Our skilled instructors also take students through regular ear training exercises to foster the development of good pitch.

Additionally, we strive to ensure our students become literate musicians through lessons in scales, music theory, rhythm, and sight-reading. More advanced students will build a broader repertoire of technique, including vibrato, double-stop and chord playing; more advanced bow strokes such as spiccato, sautillé, and up-bow staccato; and other higher-level musicianship concepts such as phrase analysis and score studying skills.

We Care About Your Musical Interests & Goals

At The Music Connection, we are delighted to work with students of all abilities seeking to enrich their lives through music. Our teachers take an individualized approach to each student – underpinned by detailed individual assessments, a thorough and logical sequence of skill development and training, and one-on-one guidance throughout your musical journey.

Your experience at The Music Connection will be uniquely yours. Come and learn from our talented instructors, many of whom can connect you with performance and competitive opportunities, should you wish to pursue your craft on a larger stage.

Violins are the most popular and well-known stringed instrument in orchestras. They create a soprano sound using four strings. Though the violin can be one of the most technical instruments to play, the dedicated instructors at The Music Connection stand ready to help you succeed.

Violin lessons help you hone your talent and achieve your musical goals. Maybe you want to master this instrument as part of a repertoire so you can play in a school or community orchestra. Maybe you want to join family, friends or community members during jam sessions that feature a variety of genres. Maybe you want to boost your personal development and learn to play an instrument. We’re here to help you meet these goals and more.

The Music Connection offers a balanced approach to violin lessons. We strive for excellence but also want our students to have fun, which is why we customize each lesson. You improve your playing ability while expressing creativity and having fun when you take violin lessons at The Music Connection.


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Our Teachers

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Our Violin and Viola Teachers

The violin teachers at The Music Connection specialize in offering well-rounded, fun, and engaging instruction to violin students of all ages and skill levels. Many of our teachers have professional performance and teaching experience in numerous musical contexts. They help you learn technique, fundamentals, and expression whether you want to master classical music, learn to play pop tunes, or improve your improvisation skills on the violin. Connect with a teacher today, and begin to build a firm foundation that will support your musical discovery and future.

Carolina C.

Carolina C.

Violin & Viola

Carolina is a dedicated and versatile music teacher, with wide ranging experience and a passion for helping people grow and fill their potential. She received her Bachelor’s degree in her hometown in

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Dustin V.

Dustin V.


Dustin V. attended Olivet Nazarene University in his hometown of Bourbonnais, Illinois and received his liberal arts degree in 2016. He began Suzuki violin at age 10, beginning in Bourbonnais and later

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Carl J.

Carl J.

Violin & Viola

Carl J. is a veteran Chicago performer and educator. He has taught violin and viola privately for the past 30 years at the University of Chicago Laboratory School, DePaul University, American Conservatory

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Ana S.

Ana S.

Violin & Viola

Ana S. hails from Skopje, Macedonia, where she began playing the violin at the age of five. She attended Skopje’s performing arts high school, where she studied violin and viola with Prof.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Violin Lessons

What is the minimum age to start violin lessons at The Music Connection?

We recommend violin lessons for children age 5 and older. Before you enroll your child, make sure he/she can read letters and words and count numbers, essential skills for following and reading music. We also recommend that violin students have adequate hand and finger strength so that they can hold the violin and maneuver the bow properly. Because the violin is known for its steep learning curve, consider starting lessons after your child has developed perseverance, resilience, and dedication.

Do I need any prior experience?

Beginner, intermediate, and advanced violin players are welcome at The Music Connection. Prior experience playing an instrument or reading music is an asset, but our teachers will help you learn everything you need to start playing this stringed instrument.

What styles of violin can I learn?

The Music Connection’s violin teachers are familiar with a variety of genres and styles. We can help you learn to play classical, bluegrass, country, rock, or blues. In many cases, our teachers use several styles of music to reinforce lesson concepts, but your violin lessons are always customized to fit your interests and goals.

What books will I need?

Your teacher will meet with you and create a customized lesson plan based on your skill level, goals, and interests. Then, you’ll receive a list of books to purchase. This list can change based on your progress, interests, and needs.

Is violin the right fit for me?

The violin is the most popular stringed instrument in orchestras, and playing this instrument can boost your cognitive function, academic performance, mental health, character, and personal development. These benefits don’t automatically mean that the violin is the right instrument for you, though.

Listen to violin music and ensure you like the sound before you commit. You may also want to watch violin players and hold a violin before you enroll in lessons.

One advantage of lessons at The Music Connection is that even if you start out on the violin and change your mind, you can always switch to another stringed instrument and continue to receive lessons here.

Why Come to The Music Connection for Violin Lessons?

You could learn to play the violin from a variety of in-person or online instructors, but we invite you to check out The Music Connection difference. We offer customized instruction that incorporates your interests and helps you achieve your goals. Our qualified teachers also understand every aspect of the violin and are passionate about sharing their experience with you. Whether you play for fun or professionally, we’re here to make lessons interesting and help you develop into a well-rounded musician.

Ready to Begin Violin Lessons in Orland Park?

Contact The Music Connection today and sign up for your first violin lesson. We’re here to help you realize your musical goals and have fun as you learn to play the violin.


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What Our Students and Parents Say

  • Hi Music Connection Friends,I just wanted to say thank you for all of those lessons you gave my children when they were younger. It’s truly a gift that lasts a lifetime. The best thing that has come out of this quarantine is that my kids remember they know how to play and they have been playing daily again. So lovely to hear them play and all that they learned. It is a gift they can enjoy forever.Miss you guys

    Trish S.
  • I just wanted to say thank you again for your help with Colin’s Solo and Ensemble Festival. It was such a great experience and your dedication to helping him be a better musician IS making him a better musician. He is so proud and he should be!!!  Great Teachers make all the difference. I just wanted you and the staff at Music Connection to know that we think YOU ROCK!!

  • My three children wanted to play different instruments and there are so many instructors at the Music Connection, it was very easy for us to choose a time and date to fit our busy schedule.  The teachers have always been very positive and encouraging to all of my children!

  • Ms. Ana is wonderful! She motivates Ellyse and is always positive! She is why we keep coming back!

  • The Music Connection is top notch for music education. We’ve been with The Music Connection since 2009.  The teachers we’ve had all have a genuine interest in kids’ learning and are excellent musicians themselves.  Mrs. K fosters an environment that makes music education important and fun.  She always puts students FIRST and will go out of her way to make sure they have opportunities to express their love of music.   It is a great studio with the best teachers.  We are lucky to have The Music Connection in our community!

  • My daughter loves the preparation for IMA and guild. She starts planning soon after she finishes her competition

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