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When a child is just starting a music program, it makes sense to rent. It limits the initial investment and allows students and parents flexibility. The Music Room supports students in the Northwest suburbs through band and orchestra instrument rentals. Our rent-to-buy program is different from some rental programs in that we allow parents to build equity from the first payment and return the instrument at any time without further obligation

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    Payment Information Reservations are not complete until payment has been received. We will contact you to set up a payment method; thereafter, rental payments will be settled automatically via credit card on a regular, monthly basis. These monthly payments are initiated on your Requested Pickup Date above, which becomes your billing cycle date. (A requested pickup date of the 14th, for example, results in a charge on that date as well as a charge on the 14th of every calendar month that follows while the rental is active.)

    Every Payment Builds Equity Our program is an equity building program: each rental payment (excluding the maintenance and repair fee) goes toward the purchase of your instrument. For stringed instruments, your accumulated equity is applied through each size increase toward the purchase of a full size student instrument. There is no obligation to buy, however, and the instrument may be returned at any time.

    When Will My Instrument Be Ready? “Requested Pickup Date” field above and we will do our best to accommodate you. Please note that we are closed on Sundays and that we require at least 2 business days from the time you submit this Instrument Rental Form to process your submission and ready your rental instrument for pickup.
  • Instrument Selection

    If you would like to be placed on a waiting list for any of the selected instruments below, please submit your reservation and we will call you as soon as an instrument becomes available.

Why rent from the Music Room?


Instruments available for rent

Need a size upgrade on a violin, viola or cello? No problem, it’s included. All instruments are guaranteed to meet or exceed your school music department’s requirements.

Percussion Kit
Baritone horn (3/4 – full size)
Cello (1/2 – 4/4)
French horn
Viola (12″ – 15.5″)
Violin (1/8 – 4/4)

Supporting Local Music Students with High Quality Musical Instrument Rentals

Community Consolidated School District 15
Quest Academy
Barrington 220 Community Unit School District
Arlington Heights School District 25
Arlington Heights Community Consolidated School District 59
Schaumburg Township Elementary School District 54
Township High School District 211
Township High School District 214

All Musical Instrument Rentals are Ready-to-Play

Each instrument goes under a thorough inspection and evaluation.

No Worry Repair and Maintenance

All repair and maintenance costs are included in the monthly fee. Simply bring your rented instrument into the store and we’ll get started. Most repairs can be completed within a week and loaner instruments will be provided.
The Music Room also offers free care and maintenance consultations. We’ll teach your child the proper way to care for his or her new instrument, so they can avoid common problems. Schedule an appointment today.
Fill out our online form or visit the store. The Music Room staff will contact you to complete the contract and confirm your request. Call us with any questions.

Rental payments can be used toward a purchase

The Music Room applies 100% of all rental payments toward the purchase of a student instrument (excluding the maintenance and repair fee), so you build equity faster.

Best value

Our musical instrument rentals provide the best value to students and parents in the long term. Maintenance and repair costs are completely covered.