Terms and Conditions for The Music Room

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Regular Weekly Lessons

For students who wish to reserve a dedicated spot on their teacher’s weekly schedule, tuition will be billed via credit card auto-debit at a flat monthly rate on the 1st of each month. Tuition is the same every month, regardless of planned closures and regardless of whether there are 3, 4, or 5 lessons in that month. (As our studio is open 50 weeks a year, this amounts to more than 4 lessons a month on average.) Our pricing for regular weekly lessons is at a discount from our single lesson prices.

Regular Weekly Lesson Rates (billed monthly):

  • 30 minutes: $160/month ($140/month for every additional 30-min weekly time slot)
  • 45 minutes: $230/month  ($210/mo for additional) [45-minute basis at instructor discretion]
  • 60 minutes: $300/month ($280/mo for additional)

Withdrawal. Discontinue lessons any time before the next billing cycle (the 1st of the month). Teachers cannot accept withdrawal notification.

To cancel lessons, please contact info@the-music-room.net or call us at (847) 934-5440. If canceling your enrollment mid-month, there is no refund or credit issued for unused lessons or make-up lessons.

Individual Lessons

For students who prefer the flexibility of scheduling each lesson individually, payment is due at the time the lesson is scheduled. Lesson bookings are one at a time, subject to teacher availability, and without the guarantee of a regular time slot.

Individual Lesson Rates (billed at the time of scheduling):

  • 30 minutes: $44
  • 45 minutes: $66 [45-minute basis at instructor discretion]
  • 60 minutes: $88


Regular attendance at lessons is critical for a student’s musical development. At The Music Room, we expect and look forward to a commitment from our students to attend every lesson that they have scheduled.

Cancellations and Make-up Lessons. Students/households must provide 24 hours’ notice to The Music Room—not the instructor—when canceling a lesson. In the case of such cancellations, weekly students are granted 2 make-up lessons within a 6-month period. (Students with individually-scheduled lessons are also granted a make-up lesson when 24 hours’ notice is given.) Make-up lessons are subject to teacher availability and may be rescheduled for the Zoom platform if necessary.

NOTE: If a student cancels their make-up lesson, no further make-up lesson will be scheduled.

Consecutive Absences. In the event of multiple, consecutive planned absences, billing by The Music Room will not be interrupted unless a student withdraws from weekly lessons. It is the responsibility of the student/household to notify The Music Room—not the instructor—should they wish to discontinue. Should a former student re-enroll, they are not guaranteed the same lesson date/time or lesson rate as during their previous enrollment.

Late Cancellations. In the case of a cancellation with less than 24 hours’ notice, or in the case of a no-show, a make-up lesson will not be granted. However, lessons canceled on account of illness or emergency can still be made up when notice is given by the day of the lesson and before the lesson time, and these special-case make-up lessons will not count toward the 2-make-up limit described above.

Tardiness or Showing Up Sick. The Music Room observes standard teacher waiting policies. If a student is 15 minutes late, the teacher is automatically dismissed and the lesson will be ineligible for a make-up lesson. Students who are running late should call the school and notify The Music Room staff; we will communicate with the teacher so that they know whether or not to expect you. If a student arrives for a lesson contagiously ill, the teacher may choose not to teach the lesson and send the student home. In such a case no credit will be issued for the missed lesson.

Teacher Cancellations. We are committed to teaching weekly lessons to all registered students at their regularly scheduled times. In the case of a cancellation by the teacher because of illness or an unforeseen conflict, a substitute will be provided or the teacher will make up the lesson.


Our band/orchestra instrument rentals are rent-to-purchase. A valid major credit card is required for all rental contracts. Your first month’s rental payment will be processed based on the pickup date on your reservation. Thereafter, rental accounts are settled on that same date every calendar month. (Whenever the date falls beyond the final day of a shorter calendar month, accounts are settled on the final day of that month.) While continuously renting, 100% of each rental payment (excluding the maintenance and repair fee) goes toward the purchase of your instrument; and for stringed instruments, 100% of the accumulated equity is applied through each size increase toward the purchase of a full-size student instrument. There is no obligation to buy, and the instrument may be returned at any time.

Customers who are renting an instrument from The Music Room qualify for free repairs for the contracted instrument. Loaner instruments are also available on a limited basis for current rental customers.

For both band/orchestra and fretted instruments, most repairs are completed in less than one week; however, many repairs can be completed in one or two days. Overhauls and instruments with extensive damage require more time and will be evaluated on an individual basis.