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Our Approach to Teaching Digital Music Production

Explore the world of digital music production and editing using GarageBand or ProTools on a private lesson basis.* Bob Thompson is very passionate about digital music production and has experience in recording, editing and mixing music as well as other aspects of audio post production.

During lessons, students will learn how to create, record, edit and mix their own original music using either GarageBand or Pro Tools. GarageBand is fantastic software for students beginning their journey into music production and is available on iOS or MacOS.

Students that are interested in going even deeper into digital music production can learn advanced techniques using Pro Tools, which is known as the industry standard software for digital audio workstations. Whether you are a beginner or already have experience in digital music production, Bob Thompson can help take your skills to the next level.

*Note: These lessons are on a Zoom basis and designed to occur from the comfort of the student’s own home, with one notable exception: Students intending to use GarageBand on iOS (on their phone or tablet) will have their lessons in person at The Music Room.

Lessons Should Be Fun

We know that an interest in digital music production may be what first brings you into our school – but having fun is what keeps you coming back!

We Emphasize Technique

Healthy technique is critical to recording and music production. Our first priority is teaching strong fundamentals on your preferred DAW (GarageBand or ProTools).

We Care About Your Musical Interests

Regardless of ability or prior experience, our teachers take an individualized approach to each of our students – underpinned by detailed individual assessments, a personalized learning plan, and one-on-one guidance throughout your musical journey.

Meet Your Teacher

Bob Thompson’s first musical experience was in his early teens when he decided to take guitar lessons. He studied attended Harper College for his core studies in Music Theory, Piano, and Classical Guitar. He also received a sound engineering certificate under John Towner through a program offered by Harper College and completed a sound engineering internship at Maxim Entertainment (Recording Studio)




30 minute lessons are great for learning the basics and building a strong foundation.




Fit for both beginners & intermediate students who need more than 30 minutes.




Longer lessons, perfect for motivated, intermediate or advanced musicians.

What you can expect

1. Tell us about your musical goals.

2. Learn with one of our expert instructors.

3. Start producing music!

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