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Voice, Piano

Adena is a professional musician based in Orange County. She sings in a professional Grammy-nominated choir, and works closely with Southern California’s best musicians and conductors. Aside from singing and teaching, she works in arts management and administration. Adena has her Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education with an emphasis in Choral and Vocal music, and […]


Voice, Piano, Guitar

Citlali is a classically trained vocalist, opera singer, songwriter, and choral conductor from Los Angeles County, who graduated from UC Irvine with a BM in Vocal Performance. She first found her love for music through playing the flute in middle school, but grew up believing that very few people could sing- and that she wasn’t […]



“Learning music teaches us about beauty, discipline, and humanity. It allows us to explore the best parts of ourselves, while learning how our brain and body functions.” Sergey Efuni was born in Moscow, Russia to a family of academics. From a young age Sergey was exposed to poetry, theater, and fine art. When he was […]


Voice, Piano

With over 20 years of singing and performing, I have a passion for helping others discover what they can achieve, with an emphasis on vocal health and keeping the playful and fun element of music a key component.


Voice, Piano, Ukulele, Founder

“Singing, like any other skill, is a learned activity that you can gain the muscular control and artistry for over time. I can’t wait to meet you wherever you’re at and help you build your own unique, beautiful voice.” I’ve worked with lots of students over the years, I structure my lessons differently with every […]


Voice, Piano

“With over a decade in vocal training and musical theatre experience, I embrace and implement my passion for vocal confidence throughout my work. I strive to make singing fun and build trust in one’s voice while prioritizing vocal health.” Taite is a singer, actor, and performer from Orange County who has grown up in theatre […]


Voice, Piano, Ukulele

“I’m passionate about empowering my students to pursue musical opportunities in their communities. I believe that my role as a teacher is to guide students to discover their limitless ability.” Shania graduated from Cal State Fullerton with a BA in Music Education. She has studied classical voice for the last decade and is currently pursuing […]


Voice, Piano

“I’m dedicated to fostering a supportive learning environment and teaching healthy, effective, and stylistically accurate techniques that will help each student sing the music they love.” Michaela is a singer, songwriter, and producer originally from Meriden, Connecticut. She spent much of her time growing up performing in musicals, playing the flute and piano, and singing […]


Voice, Piano, Guitar

“I like to assure my students that their frustrations have solutions and that their successes are the result of their efforts. Music is a joyful experience, and I want to help others find that joy.” Max started his musical journey in 2001 with academic training and performance in saxophone and voice. Beyond that, he plays […]


Voice, Piano, Ukulele

“I love to create a personalized environment for each of my students- catering to their learning style, skill level and musical interests. I want to give my students the tools they need to be the best musicians they can be.” Janet is a jazz vocalist who performs across Orange County and LA and also sings […]


Voice, Piano, Guitar

“In my free time, I love to song write, play piano and guitar, read, go to concerts and thrift stores, and hang out with my friends, family, and my dog, Buddy.” Tiffany has always loved music and has been singing since she was about 6-years-old. She started out in musical theater and later found her […]


Voice, Piano

“I love being able to pass down the knowledge and experiences that was passed down to me. Nothing makes me more happy than being able to hear the growth in a student and seeing the moment that they start hearing it for themselves.” Nathan is a Latin-American musician from Los Angeles county. His journey with […]