Performance Opportunities

student singing at the inside voice recital

The survey’s in, and it says people fear the stage more than they fear death. We think that statistic is insane, so we’re working to change it, one happy performer at a time. On top of private performance and audition coaching, we offer a variety of opportunities for adults, teens, and kids to perform in a confidence-boosting, supportive setting.


Local Auditions & Performances

Outside venues often get in touch with us when they need performers, and we pass these opportunities on to the students we think might benefit. We’ve sent students to skip the line at American Idol, perform in televised talent shows.

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The Inside Voice Recitals

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Seasonal recitals for kids and teens

You bring the talent, and we’ll bring the refreshments. Our recitals are open to any student under 18 who has a song to sing or play. Each recital is between an hour and 90-minutes long, which we’ve determined is the best length for impatient younger siblings and busy schedules. We hold 3 studio-wide recitals a year and one smaller instrumental recital.

Pre-recital masterclass

Before each studio-wide recital, we hold our Masterclass, led by some of our top teachers to give students an extra boost of confidence before going up in front of a larger audience.

Teen-adult showcase

A more casual, intimate performance than our Kid-Teen Recitals, our Teen-Adult Showcases usually take place twice at a year at one of our studios or at a local venue like a hip coffee house or laid-back restaurant. Everyone is supportive, and we all enjoy nursing beverages and snacks amongst friends and family.

Summer Camp & Programs

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Pop Star Camp

In the summer, we offer Pop Star Camp, a week of learning the craft of commercial music singing culminating in a fun performance for parents and friends complete with a live band. Students learn contemporary singing techniques, performance techniques, and song interpretation while collaborating with other musicians and making like-minded friends.