Online Music Lessons in Rogers, Minnesota

Take Music Lessons from Your Own Home

Rogers School of Music offers virtual lessons using Zoom.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, music teachers in Minnesota and around the nation began offering online lessons.

Although we are one of the few schools in the Rogers, MN, area offering in-person music lessons, we also offer an online option as well.

Now is a great time to start playing music. Having a routine may improve daily or weekly predictability for students, which can reduce stress! Live video instruction is a capable stand-in for in-person instruction.

Whether you’re looking for resources to augment your child’s lessons or to decide on whether lessons are right for your child, we want to help.

We offer piano, guitar, drums, voice, cello, violin, viola, ukulele and mandolin. All ages are welcome.

How Do Online Music Lessons Work at Rogers School of Music?

We’ve worked hard to ensure that our virtual music lessons are as seamless as possible for parents and students. You’ll book your sessions with your preferred instructor at a time that suits your schedule.

When it comes time for your lesson, you’ll log on to our online portal and meet with your instructor.

Our teachers will continue to tailor lessons to each students unique needs and goals.

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Additional Zoom Settings for Music Lessons

Here are some options if you are experiencing some audio issues with your lessons. These settings are only for computers, not for smartphones or tablets, unfortunately.)

Try to make these changes to your settings. If you don’t see these settings, you will need to update your Zoom software (if you just recently downloaded zoom for the first time, you will be good).

Log into your Zoom room

Find the Advanced Audio Settings Panel

Optimal Settings for Music Lessons

The the advanced panel, mark the settings as follows:

  • Show in-meeting option to “Enable Original Sound” from microphone – Checked*
  • Suppress Persistent Background Noise – Disabled
  • Suppress Intermittent Background Noise – Disabled
  • Echo Cancellation – Auto

*In addition to being enabled, Original Sound needs to be switched on in the video window, explained in the 3rd step below.

Enabling Original Sound

Checking the box for Original Sound in the advanced settings panel will give you the ability to enable it on the video window, but it comes switched off.

Switch it on, and you’re good to go!

(It’s good to keep an eye on it from time to time in case it switches off by itself)

These setting should prevent Zoom from filtering out musical sounds that it might consider “background noise.”