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Pacific Piano School provides positive, memorable opportunities for students of all skill levels to explore their interest in music through a rewarding progression of discovery.

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Our music instructors are skilled artists themselves and experienced teachers. They are committed to your success and growth. Teaching is a conduit for our amazing staff to pass on their passion for music and the arts.

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Music Lessons

Pacific Piano School provides lessons to children and adults of all ages. Private instruction is available. Music enriches our lives. Enrich your life: listen, learn, and perform. Your interest is the key. You must take the first step. Let our teachers be your guide.

Music Lessons

Lessons We Offer

Quality music lessons for people of all ages

  • Piano


    The piano is both approachable for young beginners and richly complex for advanced players, and is perfect for learning to read music and building a strong musical foundation.

  • Voice


    The vocal instrument is a complex living system and healthy technique is the key to lifelong enjoyment. Study musical theater, pop music, opera, or anything that interests you.

  • Violin & Viola

    Violin & Viola

    Whether you want to learn the classics or contemporary pieces, our instructors will help you master the technique needed to excel at these captivating instruments.

Music Lessons for All Ages & Skill Levels in San Jose, CA!

Founded in 1996, Pacific Piano School has touched the lives of more than a thousand bay area families and distinguished itself as the premiere music school for children learning piano, voice, and violin.

At Pacific Piano School we offer private music lessons for children and adults at our well lit and spacious studio. Our experienced instructors help students reach their musical goals while — most importantly — having fun! 

Learn from our amazing faculty who are welcoming, patient, and incredibly talented!

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We Teach All Around You!

Pacific Piano School serves students from San Jose, including Silverland, Chaboya, Fowler, Cadwallader, Murillo, Heritage, Holly Oak, Quimby, Northwood, Creekside North, Evergreen & other nearby communities.

Praise for Pacific Piano School

  • This is a wonderful school with talented musicians as teachers. Chinh Le in particular is an extraordinary teacher. David has grown so much with his instruction. He has performed in the honors recitals in large part due to Chinh’s instruction and encouragement. The school prepared David to perform in the San Jose Youth Orchestra and in numerous recitals and performances. We highlight recommend this school for your child.

    David Fetterman

  • My daughter studied Piano for many years and start from 0 to completed CM certification, AP music and several competitions. Dr.Dante is an Amazing master piano teacher with dedication and professionalism. I highly recommend PPS and Dr.Dante for kid’s piano study.

    Sam Zhang

  • First of all, please allow me to express my profound admiration for everything you and your teachers at Pacific Piano School do for our kids. I am truly impressed with this school and thrilled that my daughter is part of it.

    Amelia J.

  • We don’t expect our kids to make a career out of music. However, this training is so important for their lives as you know. I want to thank you for your dedication in classical music education.

    Ellie N.

  • It appears to us that after studying with you on the master class, Claudia seems to absorb some of the coaching that you gave her. We notice she plays with more feeling. Strong noted when they are supposed to be strong and soft when the music phrase is supposed to be soft
    We don’t expect our kids to make a career out of music. However, this training is so important for their lives as you know. I want to thank you for your dedication in classical music education.

    Tim & Vivian

  • I would like to thank you both for doing such a fabulous job teaching our kids music and making the camp the most valuable and fun experience for our children this summer.

    Phung Y.

  • I will highly recommend PPS to whoever I know and I hope that your studio will continue to grow in the future!

    Anna G

  • My playing is steadily becoming more expressive and emotive, and performing has become less of a chore.

    Alexander E.

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