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Students love our school

My playing is steadily becoming more expressive and emotive, and performing has become less of a chore.

Alexander E.

I will highly recommend PPS to whoever I know and I hope that your studio will continue to grow in the future!

Anna G

I would like to thank you both for doing such a fabulous job teaching our kids music and making the camp the most valuable and fun experience for our children this summer.

Phung Y.

It appears to us that after studying with you on the master class, Claudia seems to absorb some of the coaching that you gave her. We notice she plays with more feeling. Strong noted when they are supposed to be strong and soft when the music phrase is supposed to be soft We don’t expect […]

Tim & Vivian

We don’t expect our kids to make a career out of music. However, this training is so important for their lives as you know. I want to thank you for your dedication in classical music education.

Ellie N.

First of all, please allow me to express my profound admiration for everything you and your teachers at Pacific Piano School do for our kids. I am truly impressed with this school and thrilled that my daughter is part of it.

Amelia J.