About Pacific Piano School

Pacific Piano School offers a premiere learning experience for musicians of all ages in San Jose, California and the surrounding area. Our experienced faculty provide a high-quality education rooted in fun, fundamentals, and goal-setting to all our learners. We believe in teaching music as an artistic practice — one that many students carry with them throughout their lives.

Our school’s strong emphasis on performance fosters students’ confidence, motivation, and self-realization in a rewarding learning environment. At Pacific Piano School, performance activities are an integral part of a quality musical education, giving students the opportunity to:

  • Participate in recitals 3 to 4 times a year
  • Experience (and win!) numerous local, state, and national competitions
  • Pass an annual test and/or California Certificate of Merit® exam

Through our variety of programs, we are dedicated to sharing our knowledge, traditions, and experience in music with you and your children. We want all our students to love their music lessons!

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A Music School That Nurtures Artists

Pacific Piano School provides lessons and classes in piano, violin, voice, music theory, and chamber music to students of all ages in the San Jose, CA area.

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