Music Lessons at The Musicians Woodshed

music teacher teaching the young kid how to play the flute

Private Lessons are Our Specialty

student learning how to play the piano with a teacher

We offer weekly recurring lessons (our most popular option) or drop-in Pay-As-You-Go lessons (generally great for busy adults) Our instructors design customized lesson plans for each and every student on the schedule. We focus on the student’s music tastes, skill set, and personal goals to optimize a music-learning experience.

Our performance-based, flexible curriculum offers an exciting, engaging and encouraging environment for students to pick up an instrument. We want students playing music they enjoy, because if a student is playing music they like- they play more. When students play more- they get better.

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<mark style="background-color:rgba(0, 0, 0, 0);color:#000000" class="has-inline-color">Lake Travis</mark>

Lake Travis

3698 Ranch Rd 620 S
107, Austin, TX 78738

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North Parmer

9900 W Parmer Ln
A120 Austin TX, 78717